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Introducing Intel® Evo™ Laptops by ASUS

By April 27, 2021April 28th, 2021No Comments

The new Intel EVO platform is made up of laptops that meet certain standards based on usability in real world situations. These requirements include “Key Experience Indicators” (KEI) like battery life, charging speed, and system responsiveness, as well as specifications like Wi-Fi 6 compatibility, and 11th Gen Intel Core i5 or i7 CPU with Intel Iris Xe integrated graphics.

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EVO laptops are engineered for a lag-free experience without a distracting dependency on battery chargers. The new EVO line charges from 0-60% in just 49 minutes. It’s a quick juiceup that really does give you a ton of juice.

Fast boot times and application launches come thanks to ultrafast PCI-e SSD storage. Each model wakes up in less than a second.

The combination of the 11th generation core processor, and improved connectivity with Wi-Fi 6 technology, is great or anyone who loves to multitask.

These highly portable laptops are perfect for work or play on the go and today we’re highlight three incredible options from ASUS.

ZenBook Duo 14 UX 482


ZenBook Duo with ScreenPad Plus feature

The ZenBook Duo empowered by SceenXpert 2 Software

This impressive machine comes fully equipped with a 14-inch FHD display featuring super slim 4mm NanoEdge bezels on all four sides which give it an attractive screen-to-body ratio of 93%. Maximum display, minimal body. The touch screen gives you all the room you want to edit with, and the screen pad provides additional space. 

The ZenBook Duo comes with the ScreenPad Plus feature, a secondary touch screen that automatically tilts up to a 7-degree angle, reducing glare and reflections for improved readability. The ZenBook Duo 14 is empowered by the new ScreenXpert 2 software which has been upgraded to make cross screen multitasking and creativity even easier! 

You can also use the pad for adjusting brightness, task swapping, keyboard lock, and the new link to MyASUS which allows for phone calls and mirror functionality. It also features hands free login, even in the dark. 

ZenBook Duo weighs only three and a half pounds with a thickness of 16.9 millimeters. That’s 50 grams lighter and 3 mm slimmer than the previous generation. The new ZenBook Duo has also gone through an internal layout redesign in order to enable an ErgoLift and AAS Plus hinge, which lifts the ScreenPad Plus to a more ergonomically friendly angle. If you want desktop PC-like typing accuracy and comfort from your laptop, this is it. Use the several dedicated hotkeys to capture any part of the screen with a tap, switch the webcam off, or lock the system instantly for a little extra privacy. 

ASUS ZenBook Flip S UX371


The ZenBook Flip S 360 ErgoLift hinge

The ZenBook Flip S can be flipped open to any angle

If you need a premium new laptop with all the bells and whistles, this is the right pick for you. Weighing in at only 2.65 pounds, with a 13-inch OLED 4K UHD touch screen, and with a profile of less than 14 millimetersyou will love this sleek easy to carry form factor. The Red Copper diamondcut highlights appoint the Jade Black finish, giving a luxurious look that pops without being too extravagant. 

Connecting to your other devices and peripherals couldn’t be easier or faster thanks to the Mini Dock HDMI port, and if you want to run a desktop-like setup with this computer, the USB-C port supports two external displays in 4k. 

ASUS ZenBook Flip S UX371 features the exclusive 360° ErgoLift hinge design, which allows the display to be flipped to any position, or angle you can think of.  

The hinge durability has been tested for over 20,000 open/close cycles, and the unique ErgoLift technology tilts the keyboard automatically when opened. 

The audio features may be the most impressive part! With AI Noise-Canceling audio users can be heard clearly in any scenario. The ClearVoice Mic function includes options like, Single Presenter mode, which filters out ambient noise, leaving only frequencies that are identified as human voice; and Multi-presenter mode, which normalizes individual voices from different vectors so that everyone is heard at the same volume.  

The ClearVoice speaker function makes sure that you can hear and record more clearly, even if there’s a lot of background noise.

ZenBook S UX393

The ultra slim ZenBook S

The ZenBook S is ultra slim and ultra durable

Also featuring the ClearVoice speaker function, this laptop is one of the most durable pieces of equipment out there, having survived harsh environments, and power on drop test that far exceed the standards set by the industry. We of course, don’t recommend anyone dropping anything, but rest assured you’ll have added protection in the event of any accidents. 

If display resolution is a high priority for you, get excited about this thirty-three hundred by twenty-two hundred pixel touch screen monitor. An ultrawide color gamut offers high-precision color accuracy and is slimmer than many other high-quality display laptops of its type. A tall 3:2 aspect ratio display allows for a much more a dynamic display space that is ideal for working in productivity applications. 

Make yourself pop on screen during Zoom calls with the new IR camera algorithm which allows for sharper image quality, more accurate white balance, and an enhances portrait photography. performance.

 For all of those considering an upgrade this year, these ASUS Zenbooks on the Intel EVO platform certainly have a lot to offer!

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