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For some of you, Paul is a familiar face. For others, Paul is just another ordinary guy who likes building computers: a geek. Paul is part of the Newegg TV team which has garnered more than 114,000 subscribers and 27 million video views. Because he is so visible on YouTube, we decided to ask Paul a few questions so everyone can get to know him better.

1. How did you get started in building computers?
My first computer as far as I can remember was actually my dad’s Commodore 64, an old favorite if you spent any time with computers in the 80s. The first time I actually did any work with PC hardware was on our Hewlett Packard Vectra 486DX in the early 90s (I think I was about 13) – all we could manage at that point was a simple RAM upgrade.  I finally got my own PC in 1999: a system I built out from a barebones I picked up at Fry’s (*gasp!* …in fairness though, Newegg did not exist yet). It sported a 450MHz AMD K6-2 processor and a beige case with a lovely turquoise plastic drive bay cover.

2. What is your current build? What is your dream build?
CPU/Cooler – Intel Core i7 3770K @ 4.4GHz / Thermaltake Frio
MB – ASUS Sabertooth Z77
RAM – Corsair 16GB (4x4GB) low-profile black DDR3 1600
Case – Corsair Graphite 600T (gray/black)
PSU – Enermax Platimax 1200W
SSD – Kingston HyperX 240GB
HDDs – 1x WD Enterprise 500GB, 1x WD Caviar Green 2TB, 1x WD Elements 1TB external

I’m really happy with my current build. Of course, there’s always faster hardware – I wouldn’t mind a socket 2011 system with a 3930K or 3960X of course, but it’s a bit out of my price range, and I don’t do enough computer-intensive work at home to really make that a legitimate investment. My wife might get mad, unless maybe I gave my current system to her…

3. How do you know so much about computers?
I think it started in high school. After working on a few projects on our home computer I decided it would be a necessity for me to always have one. I gravitated towards DIY projects growing up, and I figured out that building a PC yourself could save a few hundred dollars a lot of the time. From there I just picked up info wherever I could – I went to college to study film, and I was always glad I had a powerful enough system in my dorm or apartment to not have to spend hours in the video editing lab. My #1 source of PC knowledge over the years has been Maximum PC magazine, and more recently I find myself browsing all over the internet to scrape together info on new or soon-to-be-released PC hardware.

4. What are your favorite games?
I am a confessed WoW player, but fortunately I spend less time playing these days than I used to. It’s not my fault though – A girl I like a lot introduced me to the game. I ended up marrying her. =D

Other PC games I’ve played, in no particular order: Quake II, Starcraft, Starcraft II, the Civilization series, Diablo II, Diablo III, Battlefield 2, Battlefield 3, Counter Strike: Source…
Also some console games I’ve enjoyed: Grand Theft Auto 3/Vice City/San Andreas/4, Final Fantasy 1/7/10, Hot Shots Golf, Tiger Woods Golf… this list goes on but I am running out of space!

5. What’s your favorite thing about working for Newegg?
I’ve somehow always managed to get myself into a position at Newegg that deals hands-on with PC hardware. I did RMA Inspections for Customer Service back in 2005/06 (I got pretty good at fixing bent CPU pins), and after a stint as a Systems Analyst I found myself in Web Management/Marketing working with our hardware forums. After volunteering to do “a few videos” for our YouTube channel, my focus shifted towards video production. I really enjoy being able to try out the newest hardware as it is released. Now I get to make videos and build computers – it’s awesome! =D

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  • Justin Kerobo says:

    Lol I think its soo cool that you get to work on computers. I kinda wanna make my own build but unfortunately I’m 15 with no money, but that’s ok. I also started programming not to long ago. Anyways it was good to get to know more about the person I watch explain all the new tech being announced and tested! Thanks!

  • SnowAddy says:

    Paul, I watched all three of those long ass PC building videos & now I am fully confident in making my first pc, lol. So, thank you for those three long ass videos. Much appreciated!

  • Richard Inwards says:

    i have ordered and am waiting for an ivybridge i7 and a sabertooth motherboard, what power supply should i purchase

  • Lawrence Tansil says:

    Paul i watched your how to build videos. Building my own, and know i can do it.

    Thanks for making it seem do able.

  • moapys says:

    Speaking of Corsair; Most usurious fees ever seen! $10 rebate gone in several weeks.
    In thirty plus years of redeeming rebates, NEVER have I seen such a punitive fee structure…and poorly/non-documented to boot:

    03-OCT-2012 02:44:45 AM $0.00 ($3.00) $1.00 Charge Maintenance Fee Maintenance fee charged on 10/03/2012 – Company
    03-SEP-2012 02:33:20 AM $0.00 ($3.00) $4.00 Charge Maintenance Fee Maintenance fee charged on 09/03/2012 – Company
    03-AUG-2012 02:41:30 AM $0.00 ($3.00) $7.00 Charge Maintenance Fee Maintenance fee charged on 08/03/2012 – Company

    There is clearly no intent to redeem fully any rebate; I will not purchase Corsair again.

  • John says:

    Hey Paul…

    my computer sounds like its going to die, so i started searching the net work how-to videos and came across your newegg tv series. i also saw the video on server and home theater. now i am not sure what to build… if you assist customers, i can email you what i have and what i plan on doing..

    can you help

  • Ed Jones says:


    Just going over your “current Build”…
    Your price point is identical to mine and planned uses are about the same…
    I am probably a bit more heavy on Video/Graphical rendering…

    However, I see a couple of items are “no longer stocked or discontinued”… specifically…
    Kingston HyperX
    What do you suggest for substitution…?

    Last year I got derailed from my project but I have already bought:from Newegg…
    Cool Master HAF932 Case & CORSAIR AX850 PS…

    I would like to add a couple of optical Blue Ray Optical drives…

    OR… do you have a more current BUILD config…after all this article was written last August… 🙂

    Thanks in advance…

  • John M says:

    Hello Paul, by chance I found the videos on how to build a computer and although I have made every upgrade possible to my past/current computer, I have never actually built one from the beginning. Something I have always wanted to do. I have my wish listed on newegg but have a lot of questions. I am going overboard, figured if I am going to do this, then do it right.

    If you assist customers, your input would be greatly appreciated, otherwise someone you would recommend. No offense to the the sales associate, but I have already read the reviews and the tech pages of the items I am interested, don’t really need someone else to read it back to me. Seeking expert advise and someone can be both objective & subjective about the items chosen.


  • Siriusly says:

    It makes me so happy to know that Paul enjoys the Grand Theft Auto games, he is now a god.

  • Chris says:

    Hey Paul I just watched a review that you did and I know you try your best to be correct on everything that you review and i could not find anyway to send this personally so I will just post it here.

    Your review found here : @ 07:10 Minutes into it you state that opening the laptop will void your warranty, However so long as you are in the USA and do NOT damage the unit itself while performing upgrades etc etc, It will not void the warranty.


    Other then that keep up the good work and I look forward to more reviews from you!

  • Joseph Scott says:


    Excellent review of our H-Series 3D Printer. Only one very minor comment, at 2:06 you mentioned that we only print using ABS. We also print using PLA and have a specific temperature setting for that purpose.

    Thank you for taking so much time for the review.


  • Christopher porter says:

    Hi Paul my name is Chris! My brother was watching your video when noticed something peculiar. Him and everyone I ask all day that me and you are almost twins. I’m am 20 years old and you can check out my Facebook of you want and see for yourself my email to find me Is I just thought this was pretty cool and wanted to share it with you!

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