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The Golden Huevo Awards: Celebrating Weird and Innovative Peripherals

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Peregrine Gaming Glove ST

Welcome dear readers to the first, and maybe only ever, Newegg Golden Huevo Awards, celebrating PC peripherals that are unique, interesting, or downright weird! That’s right, our researchers have scoured the internet and found some of the most unique PC peripherals in the world, using very scientific methods that were in no way kneejerk reactions. We’re handing out awards to the weirdly wonderful and woefully weird alike, because innovation is always something to be celebrated!

The Golden Huevos


The “Handy Tech” Golden Huevo – Peregrine Glove ST

Peregrine Gaming Glove ST

I love the Peregrine Glove ST. It’s so bad!

“Peregrine Glove tear-down” by Plusea is licensed under CC BY 2.0

No matter how far technology has advanced there is still one component that has remained largely unchanged, and that is the way we interface with it. Keyboards put the power of your PC at your fingertips, but Peregrine wants to put that power ON your fingertips . . . and palms.

The Peregrine Glove ST (Single Touch) doesn’t just look like something out of Minority Report, it’s a PC accessory that lets you map your most commonly used keyboard functions to one of a series of thirty contact point combinations. The learning curve on these bad boys is ridiculously steep but with dexterous fingers and enough practice you’ll be looking like a Naruto jutsu battle every time you compose an email!


The “That Makes Scents” Golden Huevo – GUILDFORD USB Portable Diffuser


Scents and scents-ability

Some of us have sensitive sniffers, and the workplace can be a minefield of odiferous offenders. If you don’t love the smell of coffee-breath, canned air, or whatever Alex brought in for lunch today, then you might need the GUILDFORD USB Portable Diffuser.

This discrete device looks like any other mini-bounce-house-blower and plugs directly into your USB to release a mild calming aromatherapy scent from its replaceable scent core technology. The durable aluminum shell comes in silver, green, or blue, and the scent cores come in a variety of familiar aromatherapy scents like lemon, and cologne.

Who’s cologne? Who knows?


The “Grip it Good” Golden Huevo – AlphaGrip iGrip

AlphaGrip iGrip Front

Get a Grip

The AlphaGrip iGrip is one of those wonderful instances where unique design meets clever functionality. Handheld keyboard design has always been caught in a balancing act. How do you make a keyboard with all the functionality you need, that fits comfortably in your hands, with buttons large enough and spaced out enough that they can be accurately pressed by your thumbs during quick typing? AlphaGrip finds a way through creative key mapping and the use of color-coded shift keys.

It also features a trackball and directional keys, making it a viable option for gamers as well as casual web surfers or even the professional who wants to shoot emails off while reclining with their feet up on the desk.

Does it look like the Dreamcast and Genesis controllers had a baby? Absolutely! Is that a large factor in why we’re obsessed with it? Probably, but it also seems like a unique solution that could actually work well with a little practice.

Unfortunately, the last model is sold out so we couldn’t get one to try, but the good news is that it sounds like there is a new even more advanced version on the horizon. When that happens you can bet we’ll be getting our hands on one and letting you know how much we love it.

AlphaGrip iGrip Back

Very Shifty Characters


The “The Famer on a Dell” Golden Huevo – Logitech G Saitek Farm Sim Vehicle Side Panel

Logitech G Saitek Farm Sim Side Panel Controller

For those who are wild enough to take their Farm Simulator addiction to the next level!

Have you ever seen “Farming Simulator 2021” while you were shopping for new games and wondered to yourself: “Who is this for?”, “How many of these games have they made?”, or “Could they possibly hope to top Farming Simulator 17: Platinum Edition?” If you’re as confused as we are, then boy-oh-boy do we have perplexing news for you!

They make a controller specifically for farming simulators: The Logitech G Saitek Farm Sim Vehicle Side Panel.

It seems some Farmheads (This is what we have decided to call these gamers and it is now canon. You cannot convince us otherwise.) aren’t content to just sit at their gaming rig and map tractor functions to their keyboards. No, some Farmnatics (This is better and will be the accepted terminology going forward.) need to feel the rush of reaching over and lowering their Hay Tedder while keeping their other hand on the wheel to guide all that grass collecting power.

Note: Is not necessary or compatible with FarmersOnly.com

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The “Form Over Function” Golden Huevo – ZSLLO 2.4GHz Cool Sport SUV Shape Optical Mouse

SZLLO Sport SUV Mouse

It guzzles gas and DPI!

Style and substance, the eternal battle rages ever onward as companies attempt to strike the perfect balance of pleasing aesthetics and purpose-driven functionality. Most companies that is. Some products forgo the delicate balance in favor of power-gaming into one category or the other. The ZSLLO 2.4GHz Cool Sport SUV Shape Optical Mouse is one such power-gamer device that sunk all its attribute points into charisma.

Taking its styling cues from one of the least efficient modes of transport available this optical mouse says “Ergonomics? Schmergonomics! Your hand will get used to it!” then it runs your mouse off the road before you can argue as it races to Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

It is much safer in crash, but its rollover scores are terrible.

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The “What is That and How Do I Get One?” Golden Huevo – Razer Orbweaver Chroma

Razer Orbweaver Chroma Gaming Keypad

Oh-oh, Orrrrbweaver. I believe you can get me through the fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight

When navigating the weird and wonderful world of PC tech it is easy to become a bit desensitized to the oddness of some gadgets. The Razer Orbweaver Chroma looks like a lot of other gaming gear at a glance with its RGB lighting and sleek black design, but first impressions are often deceiving.

This gaming keypad features an entire extra row of keys making it a bit more chonky but also much more functional than many of its competitors. It’s also worth noting that the keys are mechanical for a great solid feel. Pair that with adjustable positioning and you’ve got a peripheral that looks a bit like an early Halo weapon but performs like a late-game Borderlands weapon!


The “Big Time Fan” Golden Huevo – USB Time LED Fan Clock

Adjustable USB LED Fan Clock

This clock blows!

Sitting at your rig gives many of us a warm comforting feeling. If that feeling gets a little too warm for comfort, you may need more than just a CPU cooling solution. But you don’t want some loud uninspired fan that just blows air in your face and calls it a day. You want a fan that also lets everyone around you know “Yeah, I know how to read an analog clock!” For you and other haughty hour-hand hipsters there’s FINALLY a solution: the USB Time LED Fan Clock!

It plugs into any old USB port, and don’t worry if those ports are awkwardly placed. This weird little wonder features advanced bendy-neck technology, allowing you to direct the airflow wherever you need it most. The fan blades are soft to prevent any unfortunate mishaps, and of course they feature red and green LEDs that work together to display an analog clock face . . . digitally.

At long last, reading three-hand time feels as cool as it looks!


The “Isn’t This Prohibited by the Geneva Convention?” Golden Huevo – Saftype Keyboard

Safetype Keyboard v902

Your wrists will thank you, at fourteen words per minute.

We understand that the point of the Safetype Keyboard is to keep your wrists in a most natural position while typing, thus relieving strain. But come on. Look at this thing and tell us it’s not an implement of torture. Maybe its two vertical key panels do prevent carpal tunnel but they have to promote an increase in pent-up aggravation.

This 4 lbs., 106-key madman’s fever-dream also comes with handy side-view mirrors. Are they there to help you see the keys your hands are blocking, or are they there to mock you and make you hyper-aware of your unprotected back, further sending you down the path of madness!

That said, we desperately want to see a No-Hit Demon’s Souls run on one of these monsters.

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Honorable Huevos:


The “Did You Break It?” Honorable Huevo – R-Go Keyboard

R-Go Split Keyboard

What did you do!?

Seriously I’m not mad, I just want to know what happened.


The “Au Naturale” Honorable Huevo – Sengu Bamboo Optical Mouse

Sengu Bamboo Optical Mouse

It biodegrades just like a real mouse!

The only PC peripheral you can feed to your panda!*

*Warning! Do not feed mouse to pandas!


The “Definitely Designed as Set Dressing for ‘Batman & Robin’” Honorable Huevo – Sunsky Aula Destroyers Keyboard

Sunsky Aula Destroyers Keyboard

Holy mechanical red switches, Batman!

This keyboard kicks ICE!

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