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The 10 Craziest PC Cases on Newegg

By May 17, 2018August 21st, 2019No Comments

Unless you’re planning on building your new PC into a cardboard box, you’ll probably want to mount everything in a real computer case. Still, most PC cases are variations on the same 6 sided box design, but there are some…. “spicier” options out there. For better or worse, here is our Top 10 list of the weirdest cases you can find on


#10: Lian LI PC-T70X

PC Cases, Crazy Computer Case, Lian LI PC-T70X, unique PC Cases, Newegg

Okay, so there are gonna be quite a few open-air cases in this list, but at least the PC-T70X has a good reason. It’s built to be a test bench PC, perfect for the advanced tinkerer who often has to perform diagnostics or run benchmarks



crazy PC cases, pink computer case, girly PC, pink PC, Newegg, APEVIA X-DREAMER4-PK

The X-DREAMER4 isn’t on this list just because it’s pink. It actually comes in a few different colors, all of which are equally, uh, “eye-catching.” On the other hand, APEVIA seems to be the only manufacturer making hot pink cases, so either they’re onto something we’re missing, or they’re really, really in touch with their feminine side.


#8: ID-COOLING Stream 1

crazy PC Cases, unique PC case, Open air case, Newegg, ID-COOLING Stream 1

Another open air case, the Stream 1 is even more unique for being one of the few hexagonal chassis around.  I can’t shake the mental image of this thing rolling down a staircase.



Crazy PC case, Unique PC case, Newegg, HP OMEN X

So technically this one is a whole PC instead of just a case, but look at this thing. HP apparently didn’t get the memo that PC’s are supposed to sit flat on one side, but they’ve made the most of it. We’ve briefly covered the OMEN X before, if you’re looking for more info.


#6: Thermaltake Core P90

Crazy PC cases, unique PC Case, Newegg, Thermaltake Core P90

Don’t get us wrong, we actually love open-air cases here. It’s just that there’s a ton of them popping up, all trying to push the envelope in different ways. Both modular and versatile, the Core P90 gets a lot of things right, and looks cool doing it.


#5: CORSAIR Vengeance C70

crazy pc cases, unique pc case, CORSAIR Vengeance C70, newegg

If you aren’t playing Arma 3 on a computer that looks like an actual ammo can, what are you even doing with your life? Luckily, the Vengeance C70 isn’t just a gimmick case. It’s got plenty of features builders are looking for, like rubberized cable pass throughs and easy-open side panels, thanks to the heavy-duty clips. There’s even a set of carry handles, should you decide to brave your local LAN party.


#4: COUGAR Conquer

crazy pc case, unique pc case, newegg, COUGAR Conquer

Another sleek looking case, the Conquer looks like Cougar started building a fighter jet and then remembered part-way through that they’re a computer parts company. We’re not sure if rotating your components 45 degrees will actually make anything run faster, but it can’t hurt.


#3:Thermaltake Level10 Titanium Edition

crazy pc case, unique pc case, newegg, sci fi pc build, Thermaltake Level10 Titanium Edition

Few cases look quite as sci-fi as this one. The Level10 Titanium Edition had a few features that really made it stand out from the pack, both in looks and functionality. Sadly, this limited-edition case is no longer made. The next best thing is the Thermaltake Level 10 GT, which has plenty going for it.


#2: The Hydra Desk

carzy pc case, unique pc case, pc desk, computer desk, newegg, hydra desk

Most of us come home from work, sit down at our desk, and turn on our PC. This Hydra Desk chassis lets you come home from work, sit down at your PC, and turn on your desk. I’m sure there’s an “In Soviet Russia” joke in there, but the important thing here is that the Hydra Desk looks awesome and is a great way to save space.


#1: Lian Li PC-Y6B Black Aluminium Special Chassis

crazy pc case, unique pc case, newegg, Lian Li PC-Y6B Black Aluminium Special Chassis

No, it doesn’t float, and no, you can’t get one anymore. However I can’t think of any platform better for singing along to a certain Lonely Island song. “Special Chassis” indeed.

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