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We Owned the Night! Thanks for Coming out to Newegg’s Party

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This Year’s We Own the Night

Lil John

We had a lot of fun. There were gaming stations, music, people, food and some of your favorite brands at the event. Thank you to those of you who came out to the party! It was great seeing you there and getting the chance to speak to some of you. You made the night awesome. For those who missed it, there is always next year!

The Venue

WOTN Event

We celebrated our party at the House of Blues in Anaheim, California, with over 3,500 people who attended. Whether you wanted to game, meet people, dance or get swag while talking to gaming brands, this was the event for you. There were plenty of activities to check out.

Gamers were able to get delicious food and if they were over 21, a free drink.


Party People

The main viewing area was packed with people. Performances for the night included Lil Jon as DJ, DJ Missy B, The Funky Brewsterz and DJ Fingafresh.

Lil John

Lil Jon rocked the night with awesome effects and stage presence.

Visiting California

Traveling Friends

Some attendees came from out of state. This group of cool dudes came from Colorado and different states to hang out. They stopped by Vegas, Blizzcon and then came to Newegg’s We Own the Night party. This was their second time Owning the Night with Newegg and we hope to see them again for our next party!

Gaming the Night

Gaming Stations

Gamers played titles such as LOL, StarCraft, Titanfall and Hearthstone on gaming stations throughout the event.


PC and gaming brands also came out to the event to share info and free swag. There were plenty of light up LED sunglasses, tubes, hats and necklaces. Brands also showcased their latest gear for attendees to check out.


Gamers also played against each other in the Hearthstone competition.

Meeting New People

Making Friends

Even if you’re going with friends you can always meet new people, which is exactly what this group did. It’s always fun to make new friends as you’re out with your gaming buddies.

Check out Newegg’s Gallery


Want to see more photos? Check out Newegg’s photos of the event on our Facebook. You might even be in some of them!

Let us know if you enjoyed the event and what you would like to see more of the next time Newegg has a party. Thank you for coming out. We hope to see you next year.

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