Great Value, Real Performance11/11/2018 7:47:09 PM

Pros: With rebate paid only 140, finally these cards have come back down to reasonable prices and I thought time was right to get a real gaming card. Very quiet, some reviews say its too loud but even while gaming the fans never seem to get loud enough to really hear, I cant believe how quiet it is. Installed AMD driver and everything worked fine. A few days in I added the gigabyte aorus utility that allows a very small amount of modification that I really haven't found it necessary to mess with. You can make the lights a particular color or alternate or whatever you want if you are into that, I guess I'm in the rgb world now. Temps stay around 44-48C non gaming in 60F ambient. Highest temp I've seen was about 63C while playing doom but I haven't been monitoring too closely.

Cons: Not really a con but the fans do cycle on and off. Mine comes on around 48C and goes off at 44C. This means under normal non gaming use the fans come on about every 3 or 4 minutes for around a minute. From what I've read this is pretty normal nowadays but I have to wonder what the real point is, might as well leave spinning constantly I would think. I dont see a way to control this in the aorus software but I'm not sure there isnt some utility somewhere to tweak it. In any case it concerned me at first but I don't notice it (no noise I can hear) so I assume it will be ok just running this way forever.

Overall Review: I'm not a massive/real/serious gamer, but I do enjoy them and have wanted a real graphics card for awhile now but couldn't justify the cost. At the rational prices and the performance I can get from the 570 I think its a great deal, so I updated my gt730 to this. I can play almost anything at or near highest settings and can play games I couldn't have played before and I don't feel guilty that I've spent so much money for games. I am not taking full advantage of the card as I am playing on a g3258 oc'd to 4GHz, 570 is in a pcie 2.0 x16 slot. I can play Doom and Witcher III with framerates between 40 and 60 at ultra settings. Dont quote me, these numbers are not rigorous, point is I can play some recent and demanding games on high enough settings and enjoy the heck out of it.

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Well Done!11/5/2018 7:47:47 AM

Pros: Kudos to Thermaltake, this is a really well constructed case that is extremely easy to work with. Solid construction, lots of flexibility. All the little details are there. The 3 hdd drive trays are excellent, there are rubber grommets on the pins that hold drive, very nice and very easy to use. This is an example of the attention to detail in this case. Plenty of screws and some zip ties included. This is not a cheap case, its easily worth the price. The design is so flexible as to orientation, fan mounts, orientation of the front panel see the pirctures you could do a lot of different things with this. I will definitely consider using another one of these and I look forward to trying other thermaltake cases.

Cons: I find almost every product has documentation that could be better and the same applies here though it is far from the worse I have seen, it is quite good generally. The power supply bracket was a little tricky to understand from the pictures but after I saw a youtube video it made perfect sense. Not a con, just a comment.

Overall Review: It is an matx case but is really pretty large, I didnt check the dimensions before purchasing and was surprised how large it is, however it is so well constructed and good to work with and appearance I like so I am very happy with it.

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Work fine, perfect for lab8/28/2018 7:49:47 PM

Pros: Bought 4 of these, hung off a supermicro, running at various times freenas, proxmox, etc. The 4 drives all arrived in perfect working order and were identified correctly as wd 250g, what arrived was what I ordered. Ran some extended wd diagnostics on one of them and found no issues. I installed the drives, setup a zfs pool in freenas, did some testing and everything worked. This was a nice cheap way to get a handful of drives to arrange in a variety of ways and play with under whichever structures I am working on. Obviously if you are looking to make a long term stable storage platform for home or work you probably want to buy new etc etc.

Cons: None, if anything goes wrong, oh well I'll just buy another, for the price who cares (for my purposes).

Overall Review: Glad these are available, makes a very cheap way to test. Thanks

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Perfect6/19/2018 1:34:09 PM

Pros: Modular cables nice and wrapped. Great packaging. Heavy solid construction. Lives up to seasonic rep so far so good. They even followed through sending the rebate check in appropriate timeframe, took about 2 months which I think is what was mentioned on the paperwork.

Cons: Not a con really, but the molex cable isnt of much use except when adding a molex to sata power connector, would be ideal if they included a couple molex-sata power cable connectors, I just bought some more, but would have been handy and not sure what anyone would do with all the molex anyway nowadays. That or skip the molex and provide 2 sata power cables, looked into buying the additional modular cable but was expensive and not sure of compatibility, would be great as an additional easy add on purchase if they offer it. Not a con just food for thought.

Overall Review: Using with supermicro board powering 4 hard drives, 2 ssds and an nvme, its overkill but for the price was worth the peace of mind protecting some expensive stuff. Seems high quality and has warranty I can believe in, company good reputation, I feel confident in it for the long haul, which is what I was after in buying it. Would definitely buy again.

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great sound quality, easy and reliable11/17/2017 7:06:34 AM

Pros: There are cheaper options for extracting audio from an hdmi signal, but reading reviews and familiarity with tripplite as a reliable brand I tried this one and couldnt be happier. 2 months in -working perfectly. I have not used this with a 4k signal so I cant speak to that capability. My use case is as follows: Chromecast connected to tv, powered bookshelf speakers that sound very good for this purpose. Only option before buying this was to use the headphone out jack on the tv which produced terrible sound no matter what I tried. I am using this device to produce audio on the stereo rca outputs into my powered speakers and the sound is absolutely clear. The hdmi signal goes through to the tv and I have no issues with lip syncing or anything else. Will probably buy a second for connecting to another older receiver using the spdif out, but haven't tried that yet. You could argue this solution was a little pricey and perhaps overkill for my purpose but I didn't want any headaches and wanted reliably good sound, which I do get and am very pleased with. Whatever they are using for a dac in there both music and television sound terrific.

Cons: none

Overall Review: Highly recommend for great quality and no headaches.

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excellent11/17/2017 6:53:56 AM

Pros: everything as advertised. Using it 2 months now no problems. Carafe does keep water warm a long time. Boils quickly, stainless and appearance is very pleasing.

Cons: button on top to pour water does not pour at a very high rate, it comes out somewhat slowly and if you angle it down too much water starts coming out of somewhere else. Whole top lid is easy to take off if I want to quickly pour a lot of water, two buttons release the top lid easily. This is a super minor con, just mentioning it as it was slightly different than what I was used to.

Overall Review: i'm very happy with this choice.

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good easy cheap10/24/2015 8:02:34 AM

Pros: straight forward setup, took 5 minutes to set passwords and done. Its been running 2 weeks, no resets needed. Reasonable range, have good signal throughout 2 story duplex. Hope it lasts, so far so good, perfect and inexpensive. 2 iphones, 2 pc's and a printer on network all no issue. Can watch netflix wirelessly no problem.

Cons: None so far.

Overall Review: just buy it, happy I did, reliability problems with old n150 had to restart constantly (different brand). This one just works, no reboots needed so far.

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Great modern netbook9/7/2015 9:03:47 AM

Pros: Great matte screen, all the modern conveniences, 1xusb 3,1xusb2, hdmi out. Battery seems to last a long time (5 hours or so). Lightweight, stylish looking, super portable, and I find the 11.6 screen comfortable size, was worried its too small but after using a few weeks its fine. I bought this to surf from in front of the tube, or backyard or bed or cafe. I can vnc remote into my desktop for real work at home, its windows and I haven't seen anything else around this price for ultra portable windows. Yes its a celeron, but plays netflix fine, boots in seconds, audio is surprisingly good (not great but was expecting horrible and this surprised me, its pleasant). 2gb ram seems fine for windows, very responsive, but I'm not stretching the capabilities much. I have read some reviews indicating the space bar doesn't work well, I am not having this issue. I'm typing this review on it now and my typing style hasn't altered at all, space bar and everything else is working great. Footnote, I was pleasantly surprised to find the trackpad understood two finger swipe to scroll up and down just like macbooks, love that. Bottom line, great ultra portable windows laptop at a great price, i'm extremely happy with it.

Cons: Neither ram nor storage is upgrade-able, which I knew going into it and am not too worried about, would have been nice if it were though. Does have a micro sd slot.

Overall Review: I too burned myself by jumping into a clean windows 10 install. Dont do this. I had to return the first laptop to the brick and mortar where I bought it (after research, calls to microsoft and lenovo, because of course I nuked the recovery partition when doing the clean install, wanted that extra 8gb) and they were kind enough to exchange it. (It was a sunday morning impulse buy, only reason I didnt buy this from newegg, but putting this review in here, it might help others) Yes you need more space to do the upgrade, so get a usb to be temporarily available during the upgrade process. Once you have upgraded from 8.1 to 10, 10 should properly activate itself. Once it has and a few days have passed, I am told you should be able to perform a clean install and it will activate itself because on that hardware it already activated. This is all because they are putting a coded windows product key in the bios nowadays. There is no physically readable 25 digit code anywhere in the product or packaging. Personally I am waiting a little while until more people do the upgrade, Lenovo has a bios update out for s21e that says its necessary for windows 1. I'm just gonna wait a bit until any other kinks get worked out. 8.1 works fine, Classic shell works great to avoid metro stuff. 10 for this laptop isnt a need, but a want for me right now, eventually it will be a need, but Im letting others work out any activation kinks before I go at it again. FYI the clean install of 10 I did on the first one did not recognize the trackpad, had to use a usb mouse, lenovo has all the 10 drivers, once I clean installed it and downloaded all drivers, everything worked perfectly, except of course the windows activation.

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Works Great, Great App, Easy Setup9/6/2015 7:05:56 AM

Pros: Easy to set up and use. The included brief getting started manual in english was all I needed.and got right to the point. Bluetooth was simple. Onkyo app (using Remote 3, for some reason there are 3 onkyo apps named 1,2,3)works great and easy, found my receiver automatically and connects every time. DLNA setup was simple (using ultimate media server to serve music). So from my iphone and the onkyo app I can turn on the receiver, connect to my media server, pull up any song I want and rock away. Sound quality - seems fine to a reasonable ear, amp is lightweight chip amp, but sounds fine. Easily change which speakers the receiver should use (change listening mode easily) or specifically identify which speakers are available. I use this to set 2 chan stereo plus center with or without sub, no surrounds, for movie watching when I want. But thats because I have to drag the surrounds into position if I want to use them and am usually too lazy. Anyway full flexibility to tell it what speakers to use.

Cons: For the price, features, and sound quality, tough to beat this unit. No real cons I can think of. Only had it a week, so hope it lasts, but everything is great so far.

Overall Review: All the "mod cons", super easy to use, inexpensive. Happy.

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Perfect1/3/2015 10:43:50 AM

Pros: Quiet, plugged it in and linux mint 17 had a cd/dvd drive without doing anything. Started watching a few dvd's and making flacs of music no problem. Really Really quiet, I was surprised. OEM has no cables but knew that going in. Haven't burned anything yet. Havent tried M-Disc capability either. For $13 on sale couldn't be happier, wouldn't have any problem buying this at $20.

Cons: None

Overall Review: arrived promptly and in perfect condition from newegg as usual

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Great combo11/9/2014 9:14:22 AM

Pros: Combo deal with g3258 for $70 couldnt resist and worth it. Great little system, no issue installing g3258 on this mb (rev of mb I got did not need flash to boot with 3258). Mint 17 no problem, nice inexpensive and fast, cant be beat for general purpose combo. virtualbox machines run very quickly. Couldnt be happier, enjoy.

Cons: none

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Fast, Easy, Happy11/9/2014 9:09:11 AM

Pros: Great value, got with gigabyte h81 dsm2v combo deal 70 for both (basically free mb), no regrets, fantastic combination, mint runs wonderfully

Cons: none

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