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Newegg Now Accepts Bitcoin in Canada

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There’s no denying Newegg shoppers are among the most tech-savvy on the Internet. For nearly 15 years, our customers have been at the forefront of technology and have allowed us to help them build the computer systems of their dreams. As our company grew over the years, it was these loyal shoppers who helped us expand into new categories and make Newegg one of the largest and most trusted e-retailers on the planet. Thanks to you, Newegg is what it is today and we want to show you how much we value your continued business.

Here are three reasons Newegg launched a Bitcoin payment option in Canada:

1. You Asked for It

When our customers began inquiring about Bitcoin payments and asked when we would begin accepting them, we knew it had to be done. We spent many long nights at the office researching Bitcoin and what the advantages would be for both Newegg and our customers. After several months of intense and arduous examination, we determined Bitcoin was part of the future for our company, and possibly the future of e-commerce.

The response was overwhelming when Newegg began accepting Bitcoin on July 1, 2014. The news was covered across various media channels, thousands of people shared their delight across social networks, and hundreds of Bitcoin-paid orders were processed within hours. From the very start we knew Bitcoin would succeed at Newegg and we were thrilled to be able to satisfy our customer’s needs. Then came the challenge of expanding this feature to other markets.

Comments from Canucks on our Facebook and Twitter pages like “Why isn’t this available in Canada?” and “You said I could pay with Bitcoin, what gives?” prompted our team to find a way to give our Canadian customers what they wanted. After crunching the numbers and determining Bitcoin could indeed succeed in Canada, we made the leap across the border.

2. Bitpay Makes It Easy

Yesterday, Newegg began accepting Bitcoin in Canada and so far the response has been just as positive as when we launched the payment option in America. Our Canadian shoppers are thrilled to be able to pay for their orders with Bitcoin and are complimenting us on our stress-free payment platform. Just like it is here in the States, Bitpay is one of the main reasons Newegg accepts Bitcoin in Canada because they make it extremely easy – and are very reliable.

Since 2011, Bitpay has processed over $100 million worth of Bitcoin transactions and has been considered the leading Bitcoin payment service provider in the world. Bitpay has over 30,000 businesses as clients and is the go-to Bitcoin payment application for major companies like Zynga, WordPress, and the Sacramento Kings. In fact, Bitpay is so dependable; technology insiders consider them to be the “PayPal of Bitcoin.”

We’re confident in teaming up with Bitpay to bring our customers the very best solution for their Bitcoin transactions. If you’ve never used the service before, it’s very simple and doesn’t even require you to have a Bitpay account. All you need to do is follow five easy steps and your product will be on its way to your doorstep.

How to Use Bitpay on Newegg in 5 Easy Steps

  1. Select your desired shipping option
  2. Select “Bitcoin” under Payment Methods
  3. Review your order information and agree to Newegg’s Terms and Conditions
  4. Select your preferred Bitcoin payment option
  5. Successfully processed invoices will show “Paid” after funds are transferred

 3. We’re Growing

Recently, Newegg has been expanding in major ways. We’ve streamlined our shopping experience with Visa Checkout, started doing business in key Asian and European markets, and began testing same-day delivery service near our Los Angeles headquarters. We’re not afraid to take chances and believe our strategy of being leaders of the technology movement is why our customers keep coming back. It’s also the reason we listen to your demands.

Accepting Bitcoin in Canada is only logical for us to do because we want Newegg to be recognized as an e-commerce innovator. As our company expands into new markets, we want our potential customers to see our commitment to being at the forefront of technology just like they are. There’s a reason Newegg has become one of the leading e-retailers for tech-enthusiasts and mainstream shoppers alike. And that reason is customer service.

Not only does Newegg sell over 10 million products on our website, we also have an award-winning customer service team that listens to all of your concerns. So the next time you have a “crazy” suggestion, like us accepting Bitcoin, contact us and let us know how we can make your online shopping experience better. You never know; your idea may be the next great innovation at Newegg.

“Newegg is deeply committed to growing its business internationally – serving customers overseas, introducing new products from key Asian markets and evolving the way we transact with our global customer base. Extending Bitcoin acceptance to our Canadian customers is yet another important milestone as we build the company’s international presence.”

– Soren Mills, Chief Marketing Officer of Newegg North America

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