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9 Tips for an Awesome Haunted House

By October 5, 2015No Comments
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My family’s favorite holiday is Halloween. We’ve spent many years terrorizing the neighborhood with our haunted house. People literally drove over just to walk though each year. While my parents are too old to continue the tradition, I still know how to make a good haunted house. Here are some easy tips you can use to make your house or party especially cool.

Summon Ghosts

Projectors are a fairly cheap way to put a ghost on a wall. Bring the dead back to life with a wall or curtain to display spirits is the way to go. If you’re good with Flash or animated gifs it’s easy to make your own ghost floating across the room.

Darken the Mood with Lights

Strobing lights offer instant scare for many people. Whether it’s the flashing lights from Doom, or any classic Halloween movie, it says this is the wrong path to take.

Cloud Their Hopes

Fogging your floors will frighten up the room and hide the flaws of your instant haunted house. Adding a chiller will keep the fog low to the ground. These can be bought or made with a cooler and ice. It’s just a matter of getting the fog cool enough to cling onto the ground.

Roll Out the Terror

If you’re making a spooky path, get plastic rolls. They are cheap and blot out any light so your house stays night time all the time. You can also backlight the plastic and poke holes to make eerie eyes. You can cut the plastic into strips to break up rooms inside your home.

Fishing for Spiders

Fishing Line

Want to give the feeling of spiders crawling around? Just hang some fishing line on your path. This is an easy and effective way to give the skin crawling effect of a spider’s web.

Goblins in the Bushes

Poke some holes in a toilet paper roll and place a glow stick inside. Now you can add spying eyes to any bush on your properly, and it will run till the nights over.

Blackest of Lights

In the absence of light, black lights help make your decorations pop. You can light up a room with enough light to be safe while making all your fluorescents glow.

Pile Up the Bodies

A real easy way to add scary characters is to stuff some clothes with newspapers or even more clothes. You can also buy a Styrofoam head from a wig shop or roll up a t-shirt or hoodie and place a Halloween mask on it. For added affect, use Ping-Pong balls for eyes.

Fill it With Screams

No haunted house is complete without sounds to match the visuals. I usually run a haunted soundtrack or scary movie in the background and keep a megaphone on hand for instant scares.

I hope these ideas inspire you to go all out this Halloween. Have any other scary good DIY ideas? Let us know in the comments below. Happy Halloween!



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