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The ASUS Lyra Trio: Maximize your Wi-Fi

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ASUS Lyra Trio_ Maximize your Wi-Fi

JJ from ASUS gives you the full rundown on the ASUS Lyra Trio home Wi-Fi System. These stylish routers use the power of mesh to eliminate dead zones and extend your connection, and offer easy setup and complimentary security features.

This video was produced in collaboration with ASUS.


ASUS Lyra Trio



Many of us know the pain points that exist with modern Wi-Fi in our homes

This can be everything from dead zones to low speeds to disconnects to stuttering to buffering

Overall really affecting us in a wide amount of ways when you talk about modern Wi-Fi in your home

You’re really looking to be able to have stable reliable coverage

That’s fast. You want to be able to ensure that you’ve got a great

Experience whether it’s gonna be streaming or whether it’s gonna be for the newest security

Devices in your home or whether it’s gonna be any number of other Wi-Fi devices, and this is where Lyra trio steps in, a brand

New mesh networking product designed to be able to offer you

Stable, reliable, fast and broad coverage to really be able to upgrade your Wi-Fi experience at home

So, what is Lyra Trio?

Well Lyra Trio is a mesh networking product. For those of you not in the know for what mesh networking is, it’s the latest generation of wireless

Networking products and what they do is take a different approach to be able to provide broad stable and reliable Wi-Fi

coverage in your home as opposed to traditional routers. While traditional routers can be very capable in terms of offering broad levels of

coverage. extraordinarily fast speeds. and extremely rich features and functions

They can be quite a bit more limited in terms of offering the most comprehensive level of coverage

Especially in larger home type environments, split configuration homes or any number of other types of environments now.

What you get with a mesh networking product, is that you have

Multiple nodes that you can easily deploy into different locations

To be able to maximize the overall coverage in your home. Now when we talk specifically about Lyra Trio

This is a modern generational Wi-Fi experience

It’s an AC 1750 class – essentially Capable Wi-Fi network. what this really means is essentially it’s been designed for a broad level of coverage,

fast speeds and really been purpose-built for the latest generation of Internet service providers offering internet speeds of 100 megabits 200 megabits even

250 greater megabits in your home

This means that whether you’re gonna be streaming, downloading uploading, or essentially demanding

anything of your network, Lyra Trio will be able to offer a good responsive

and immersive experience for all your connected devices. In addition to this

it’s also gonna be extremely easy to set up as as opposed to traditional routers

which generally use a web-based setup, you don’t have to utilize any type of

web-based interface, you can simply download the application to your mobile

device and go ahead and begin the set up process. For most users they’ll be able

to complete the setup process within a couple of minutes and one of the big

advantages you have once you’ve completed the setup is that you’ll also

be able to continually be able to manage the actual Lyra trio from the same

application beyond that the actual overall advantage of a mesh network is

compared to let’s say traditional routers or routers that also have been

set up with extenders is your gonna be able to offer seamless

roaming throughout your house since you’re gonna have one actually wireless

network name to be able to connect to one singular password and you don’t have

to worry about making any type of switching and also more importantly you

don’t have to worry about reduced levels of performance for those extended points

that you would generally have when using

an extender. So let’s take a closer look at the actual Lyra Trio itself when you

actually unbox this unit you would actually get three units this

essentially a 3 pack is what allows you to have this broader level of coverage in

your home now when you take a look at the unit you’ll find that actually it’s

a very modern design it features a clean white palette which is gonna really work

well in any type of environment whether you’re talking about a living room a

kitchen and office or wherever you might need good Wi-Fi but more important is

actually that this design is a really combination of form meeting function

ASUS’s R&D team actually spent a considerable amount of time to be able

to develop a specialized vertical antenna design or what we sometimes

refer to as a pyramid antenna design to be able to offer a really great Wi-Fi

experience. The actual antennas are found on each access side of the Lyra Trio and

they’re carefully optimized in terms of their position to be able to offer great

coverage not only horizontally but also vertically in addition to this patented

antenna design the Lyra Trio also is very compact this makes it really easy

to be able to go ahead and position it wherever you might find within your home

whether that’s gonna be on top of a table whether it’s gonna be on top of a

shelf wherever you might need to be able to position it it can easily be powered

via a small AC adapter which is included with each one of the Lyra trios and also

if you’re looking to be able to maximize the highest level of performance and

this is really beneficial in newer homes you actually do have two Ethernet ports

that are built onto Lyra Trios, one of which is dedicated for a connection that

you might have to your internet service provider but another one is a direct LAN

connection actually I’ll allow you to create a hard-line connection between

each Lira Trio so you can have the fastest Wi-Fi performance possible now

in addition to the Lyra Trios AC 1750 class hardware support as well as those

two Ethernet ports that are built onto the unit the Lira also offers some

very impressive specification support and this is important because some of

the actual latest generation devices especially smartphones as well as some

two-in-one laptops and other Wi-Fi enabled devices feature support for two

key technologies one being called multi-user mimo as well as the other one

calling beamforming these two technologies when supported correctly by

a mesh networking product like the Lyra Trio can receive significantly improved

reception performance but this ultimately means is that you’re

gonna get an overall better connected Wi-Fi experience especially if you have

multiple devices all connecting to your network at the same time. Now moving

beyond a great Wi-Fi experience there actually are a lot of other things that

you want to keep in mind when you talk about what you might really want from

your networking products and definitely when you talk about the Lyra Trio it’s

not just about the great Wi-Fi experience but it’s also in terms of

what you might be able to do in terms of security monitoring control

prioritization and much more this is a real reality when you talk about a

modern home and the number of devices and the number of uses as well as the

different ways that your Wi-Fi devices are being used in that type of

environment by leveraging the actual Lyra app you’re gonna have a wide number

of options are gonna be available to be able to really go ahead and dial in your

network just the way that you want it you can go ahead and customize the App


prioritization for the different types of clients or devices that you have on

your actual network as well as maybe catered towards a specific type of usage

whether that might be lets say streaming or gaming or downloading or browsing

you’re also going to have the flexibility being able to define

targeted times the directional network can work. This is great if you want to be

able to create set schedules for when people can connect to the internet if

you want to be able to a little bit more jarring you also have the ability to go

ahead and fully block different types of devices from connecting to the Internet

at the touch of a button within the actual application and probably more

importantly though is also gonna be aspects of security that is built into

the application and built into the units themselves we’ve worked with Trend Micro

to be able to leverage their IP technology to offer real-time security

protection. What this does is actually monitor the actual connections that your

actual devices are making to servers outbound and this is important because

potentially servers can become compromised and infected with things

that are called BOTS these bots can actually reach into your system and

transmit sensitive information over time compromising your actual network and

compromising your security and ultimately the great thing that you have

with this security technology built-in is that you  can even be real-time

notified in the event that any type of compromise occurs and you can

automatically help to lock down your systems just ensure that you’re feeling

as safe and confident in your network and in connected devices as possible.

beyond this there’s a lot of different aspects that talk about when you talk

about security and for a lot of users they might actually be concerned now

about anonymity and the overall privacy of their connected devices the great

thing is the Lyra Trio is very capable on a software and hardware front and

that actually supports the technology called Open VPN what this allows you to

do is that you can actually license or purchase a VPN subscription service like


Nord VPN install that is actually on the Lyra Trio and this will actually allow

you to blanket all your connected devices so whether you’re connecting to

any type of social media sites or any type of retail sites and you don’t want

them tracking or monitoring your information where you might be or any

number of other types of metrics you can do this all simply and easily and

effectively by leveraging the open VPN technology that Lyra Trio supports. Now

in addition to all these different aspects of security and privacy there

are also some really great just general usage options that you have available to

you to be able to just simplify the overall experience that you have in

terms of Wi-Fi from a day-in day-out perspective and these are gonna be

things like being able to easily share your actual Wi-Fi password information

as well as network via the actual application to any other mobile device

so whether it’s friends or families or visitors that you want to be able to

give access to your network you can do that at touch of a button you’re also

gonna have a new option that’s available with our latest software update and that

we have now fully implemented Amazon Alexa support so if you’ve got an Amazon

Alexa enabled device in your home you can speak to that device and run a wide

range of commands for the Lyra Trio, everything from being able to pause your

actual connection to be able to go ahead and block a device to a number of

other options that we offer so overall it’s pretty easy to see that while we’re

talking about really compact small stylized

units you definitely see that their overall features functionality and

performance are really quite outstanding if you’re really looking to be able to

up your Wi-Fi experience in your home being able to have a much faster level

Wi-Fi experience a much broader level of coverage and over a lot richer

experience when it comes to management and monitoring and overall control the

Lyra Trio is going to be a great way that you can go ahead and improve your

Wi-Fi experience at home.

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