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ZOTAC Goes Big With the MEK ULTRA Gaming PC

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Integrated RGB, liquid cooling, cutting edge Turing architecture and a high-end gaming CPU of your choosing…meet the MEK ULTRA. ZOTAC has been pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with pre-built gaming systems for a long time now, with tiny gaming boxes like the ZBOX and MEK1. The MEK ULTRA is Zotac’s newest premium pre-built gaming PC, with four different options that leverage the power of Nvidia’s new RTX GPUs and cutting edge Intel CPUs.

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Nvidia’s Turing based RTX GPUs are changing gaming. And that means a whole new breed of gaming PCs, designed to take advantage of these powerful twenty series cards.

Zotac’s Mek One raised the expectation of was possible with small form factor PCs, and now they’ve moved into full size gaming PCs in a big way.

This is the Zotac Mek Ultra. Pushing these high frames is Zotac’s RTX 2080, one the highest performing 20 series cards on the market.

This Nvidia chip means better performance than ever, and optional Ray Tracing capabilities provide more realistic lighting and reflections than we’ve ever seen before. In other words … PC gaming has never looked better.

The graphics card is the centerpiece here, but there’s much more to a solid gaming PC than a beefy GPU. Zotac knows that, and that’s why they put some of the best tech around in the Mek Ultra.

This all-in-one liquid cooler keeps the Intel i7 8700K CPU temperatures low, even when overclocking.

A full suite of connectivity options allow you to choose whatever display you want, and high-end networking features mean a great online experience whether gaming or streaming.

There’s plenty of RAM and storage, and you can customize your Mek Ultra exactly how you want. Need 32 Gigs of memory and 4 Terabytes of storage?

No problem, Zotac has you covered with optional upgrades. Powering this gaming machine is a 80 plus Gold rated 1000W PSU. That’s plenty of juice for even the most demanding components.

The case has an aggressive look, and Zotac’s Spectra lighting software powers the built-in RGB. A tempered glass side panel allows you to check out the customizable light show inside.

With hardware this powerful, you’re not going to need anything new for a long time. But when the time does come to upgrade, this spacious case makes it easy.

This emphasis on design isn’t just for show, the Mek Ultra is carefully designed for efficient cooling.

Two 240MM fans in the front pull air across the hardware, and a fan in the back draws the warm air out through the back.

Add the two fans mounted to the CPU cooler, and you’re looking at a thermal solution designed to keep your system running at optimal temperatures.

Zotac’s powerful RTX 2080 GPU combined with the meticulously designed case and beautiful lighting come together in a high performance gaming PC that deserves the name Ultra.

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