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ASUS ROG MAXIMUS XI HERO & FORMULA XI – The Ultimate Z390 Gaming Motherboards

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ASUS ROG MAXIMUS XI HERO FORMULA XI - The Ultimate Z390 Gaming Motherboards

ROG motherboards from ASUS are the benchmark for gaming, overclocking, enthusiast motherboards. For more than a decade, ROG motherboards from ASUS have set the standard and pushed it further than any other by offering enthusiasts truly impressive features and functions to take their builds to the next level.

Whether it be aesthetics, overclocking, cooling connectivity and control, ease of use options, or premium components, these boards have you covered.

In this overview, you’ll get all the details on these boards ranging from aesthetics and RGB lighting, to the extensive RGB connectivity via ASUS AURA SYNC. For overclockers and those wanting the best performance, you have all the details on new ASUS Ai OC & ASUS 5 Way Optimization. Furthermore you get insight into the latest ROG overclocking innovation and how ASUS OC design ensures stability and scaling when it comes to CPU and DRAM overclocking.

Whether manual or automatic, both of these boards will let you get a great experience from your 9th gen K series CPU. Beyond the quality PCB design and UEFI firmware, these boards also feature efficient and optimized VRM power delivery, and VRM cooling solutions. Those that care about cooling will appreciate all the details on ASUS’s Fan Xpert IV and the robust connectivity and control it offers. All this and more helps to ensure you efficiently & effectively cool your system or specific components in your system.

Those that love music, movies and games will also really appreciate the high quality ESS SABRE DAC both of these boards feature. Streamers will also enjoy and appreciate the extensive customization for audio preset and profile customization, as well as options to process and improve incoming and outgoing audio.

Look no further than these boards if you’re looking to build a serious gaming PC.

Products in Video

ASUS ROG Maximus XI Hero

ASUS ROG Maximus XI Formula

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