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CES 2016: From Concept to Production

By January 10, 2016No Comments

CES is upon us once again delivering the latest and greatest tech from all over the world. Here’s a few we picked that are worth checking out:

Faraday Future
Faraday Future FFZERO1 concept car
Faraday Future announced its awesome 1000 horsepower super car, which looks like a cross between a BMW i8 and the batmobile from the animated series. The idea is to have a base platform that all of its future cars can be built on from vans to passenger cars.

LD Display
LG 18″ Flexible display
LG literally rolled out its 18” flexible display which offers the user the ability to curve their screen to their own desires. Soon you’ll be able to take a display in your pocket and have a live map.

EHANG drone
Ehang Passenger Drone
EHang a company that normally produces drones you might fly in your living room offered a first look at its drone that’s large enough for passengers. Maybe this will be the year for flying cars. Let’s see if FAA will allow it.

What was once a concept is now into full production
Every year there are a handful of great items that show up at CES and now there’s a few that you can buy just a soon as they are out. Check out these cool items below:

IN WIN H-Tower Transforming Aluminum Full Tower Case
IN WIN continues to break PC case barriers with its innovative designs, and if you made it to last year’s show, you got to check out this amazing transforming PC case. And while it looked like a prototype of future products, that future has begun since its now available for purchase.

Acer’s line of Predator Monitors
Acer continues to evolve its Predator line of gaming monitors featuring G-sync technology, now available in a variety of sizes from 27” 32” and 35” sizes respectively. Not only is the display visually stunning, but the exterior is absolutely beautiful with its aggressive stance and red and black accents. The Predator line will surely be a good match with your current Nvidia card. Or might even be a good enough reason to upgrade your current monitor soon.


2-in-1 Tablets from Lenovo
Lenovo continues to put out some great notebooks with this innovative
Miix Tablet with Keyboard attachment, giving the user the flexibility of a notebook with the ease of a tablet when needed.

Corsair MOBA/MMO Gaming Mouse
Corsair has its MOBA/MMO customers in mind with this latest color option in its mouse lineup. This mouse is equipped with a sleek black look with mechanical buttons for precession and a 12000 DPI. Perfect for those long matches that will keep you clicking with speed and accuracy.

What’s your favorite product from CES this year? Let us know in the comments below.

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