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DIY Halloween #BuiltByNewegg

By October 1, 2015August 21st, 2019No Comments

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What could a command center do for a haunted house? Let’s find out.

Halloween is rapidly approaching, and all the DIYers out there know this is a great time to have some fun and be creative. The do-it-yourself spirit is in our blood here at Newegg, just like yours. Well, this year we are getting in on the action, and we are doing something to combine our love of tech with the Halloween season, in true Newegg style.

For the first time, we are sponsoring a haunted house, with our own #BuiltByNewegg twist. Pressure plates, IR surveillance cameras, HD monitors and a command center connecting the whole operation are just some of the things taking this build to the next level.

Newegg Haunted House: Origins

Homeowners Richard and Christina Lai, former Newegg employees, have been hosting the family friendly haunted house for their neighborhood every year since the previous host moved away. Each year they have invested more time, and it has drawn more attendees. Their house is just a stone’s throw away from Newegg headquarters, so it only makes sense Newegg would come and bring a big bag of tech treats to make the great haunted house even better.

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Master PC Command Center

We gathered up some awesome tech goodies to build a command center, where Richard and Christina will be able to run the whole operation. We are talking about a MSI gaming laptop, Annke 16 camera surveillance system, LG HD monitors, Corsair speakers and a handful of other monitors to create a central location that controls props, lighting, displays all the video feeds, plays their audio tracks and helps them communicate with all the volunteers better. Costume and decoration giant Toynk supplied a load of essentials to ensure the props are fresh for this year. We will cover the whole unboxing and setup of this station, which you won’t want to miss.


DIY Build: Start to Finish

The best part of this collaboration is you can follow the build from start to finish in our Halloween hub. We will be updating you throughout the build process with more blog content and videos right up until the opening night Oct. 30. This hub is the best of our Halloween, where you can find all the tech we used in our command center, and even shop for costumes and decorations for your own Halloween experience.

Stay tuned for more updates to come, and check our Halloween hub for the progress and more fun.

What are some essentials for your haunted house?

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