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Friday Finds: Tetris Lights & Samurai Swords

By February 19, 2016August 21st, 2019No Comments

Newegg is more than just computer parts. In Friday Finds we highlight some of the surprising, wild, and wacky items you can order through

Tetris Lamp

tetris light newegg

If you were a gamer in the 1980s, you probably already have the Tetris theme playing in your head (here’s 10 hours of it in case you need a little refresher). Did you know that the famous Tetris theme is actually an adaptation of an old Russian folk song called Korobeiniki? It’s true!

Anyways, a great way to show your old-school gaming roots is to pick up this cool modular Tetris lamp. As you can see on the Newegg store page the lamp can be fully taken apart and arranged in a variety of different configurations. Only the blue block needs to be plugged in, then the rest of the pile will illuminate. Pick your favorite arrangement or change it up every day!

Polyhedral Dice

dice newegg

Ah, there’s nothing quite like the clatter of a new 20-sided die across a tabletop, is there? For a certain kind of gamer, anyway, a new set of colorful polyhedral dice is the perfect gift for just about any occasion. Did you forget Valentine’s Day? Buy some dice! Someone’s birthday coming up? Dice are the answer!

Newegg has a massive collection of dice sets in all sorts of colors and patterns, so pick your favorites or buy all of them and use them to fill a swimming pool (and please send us video of that, because that’s awesome).

68 Inch Nodachi Sword

samurai sword newegg


Yes, Newegg does indeed sell swords. Just look at all of them!

This particular Nodachi sword is a beauty with a 49.6 inch blade, and a 16.6 inch handle. The blade comes polished and the handle is made from hardwood and wrapped in cloth, which means this unique sword is a great addition to the decor of any room of your house. In historical Japan swords like these were used by soldiers on horseback or as status symbols. Hang one above your fireplace, computer desk, or bathroom sink so you’ll be in the proper Samurai state of mind wherever you go.

If you find any particular interesting products while browsing Newegg, share them in the comments below! 

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