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Introducing the GeForce GTX TITAN Z

By March 26, 2014 23 Comments


“If you’re in desperate need of a supercomputer that you need to fit under your desk, we have just the card for you.”

This was the statement made by NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang when he unveiled the GeForce GTX TITAN Z yesterday at the annual GPU Technology Conference. The TITAN Z is a behemoth of a graphics card built around two Kepler GPUs with 12GB of dedicated frame buffer memory. In other words, this is the next generation of gaming.

The TITAN Z is composed of two GK110 chips and is powered by a total of 5,760 processing cores – 2,880 cores per GPU. This is more than enough juice to run a multiple-monitor setup at 4K resolution. In fact, this card is engineered to handle the not-quite-available-yet 5K resolution of the future.

Compared to NVIDIA’s most commanding graphics card at the moment, the GeForce GTX TITAN Black, the TITAN Z is twice as powerful and three times as expensive.  Clocking in at just under $3,000, the TITAN Z will be a serious card for serious gamers.

This graphics card is definitely not for everybody. But if you’ve been searching for a card that is designed using only the highest-grade components, is incredibly fast, and surprisingly quiet, this is what you’ve been looking for.

The GTX Titan Z arrives in April. 

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  • Joseph Smith says:

    Well looks like I will have to get the dual 290x card when it comes. $3000.00…are you serious..? Don’t they realize this kind of pricing is what is killing them lately. Well at least this is good for AMD.

    • asdjilnfasdif says:

      Killing them? You mean how they post record profits every quarter and trump AMD?

      It’s you who doesn’t realize that these cards are not aimed for gamers. They’re aimed for people who need workstation cards and don’t want to spend $6000+.

  • Todd M. says:

    “Serious gamers?” I know many of them, and very few spend more than $3k on their entire rig. . .including the ones who are established professionals with a good salary. Good news for ATI cards–which, BTW, are 1/2 this amount of raw power for $300, and do crossfire just fine. NVidia drivers and rendering quality is better, but they marketed this off as a “supercomputer under your desk.” Why would someone spend $3000, when they can get the same raw compute power for $600? People are NOT that attached to the CUDA framework.

  • Joe says:

    3000 wow umm yea cant i just link 3 gtx 780s toghter 4 2400 and b better than you

  • As much as I LOVE having raw power behind my rig, $3000 is way to much money to dump into just the graphics card. I get to work on computers for a living and in all of the customers that come through the store, even the ones clearly making 6 figures, not a single person has spent over $1500 on graphics. The GeForce 770 has similar power behind it and if you run SLI on TWO 770s then it resembles very close to what they have built here. If you are purchasing this card then you are throwing your money away, and this is coming from a large NVIDIA fan.

    • If someone spends more than 1500 dollars on graphics, they probably won’t bring their rig to you, having said that, we do exist. I don’t know where you work, but you’ll never see me waltzing up to member of Geeksquad for help with my 9 thousand dollar rig. You might want to check your numbers there on the 770s in SLI by the way. Two 780s in SLI won’t touch this thing let alone two 770s … otherwise they’d have built a 790 (double 780s slightly underclocked) If you wanted to build a mini or micro ATX monster rig and only had 1 PCIe slot, this would be the only choice. This card is aimed at overclockers, enthusiasts and graphics professionals, not your typical gamer.

      • BlackHat SEO says:

        Well, my gaming and blackHat SEO rig costs ~6000 EURO, that will be a bit more than $ 8000.
        I have it for a year now, and the graphics is just a Titan 6GB and not planning of doing any upgrade soon. Although I’m planning on building a new 64GB RAM i7 Extreme rig this September I don’t see myself throwing 3000 EURO ($4000) on a GPU. Don’t know yet which GPU will I choose, but definitely not the Titan Z. Although money is no object for me I’m not such a marketing sucker. Better put 2 to 4 Titans Black in there and give them hell.

    • Ryan says:

      Exactly. I will be sticking to my GeForce 770.

  • Khem Uk says:

    Two Titan blacks=$2000.00
    One Titan Z=two Titan blacks…..
    $1000.00 for the R&D to fit two Gpus on one card… Makes sense?

  • Nathan says:

    Ridiculous, no game will actually use this kind of power for years and years, and by then you will be able to get a $150 card that uses way less power and has up to date api support.

  • While I partially agree with the previous comments, I can understand the purpose of the card. So despite there only being a few applications where this would be preferred, there is still a market for it. I’m running 4 evga 680 “Classies” in my machine and people shake their heads but it’s only because they’ve never played a game with surround mode while in 3D at ultra settings. Folks will say what they will, but saying it’s “completely pointless” is like saying there’s no reason for the Bugatti Veyron to exist. Oh really?
    The real world applications of both technological achievements are few and far from what most consider “practical” never forget that there is always someone out there like me. that guy that you see pass you by, or better yet, smugly let you pass them while they’re driving their Ferarri down the roadway. We don’t care what you think, we are going to come up with a terrible excuse to tell people why we’ve made such an outlandish purchase and bask in the glory that is the 3 thousand dollar hole in our wallet as it powers a 4K display from within a micro ATX enclosure. Does any REALLY need it? I’m sure there is maybe one person for whom the power is needed in a single card… but that’s not the point. Stop whining about prices on things you don’t need and can’t afford. If they didn’t think it’d be purchased, they wouldn’t manufacture these things in the first place, besides, what do you think drives technology further forward? *Facepalm* Maybe everyone should own a console instead and watch everything stagnate. If anything this was done just to see if it could be done and they’re celebrating the achievement by letting those who can afford it to enjoy the fruits of their labor. Is 3G disproportional to the performance output? yes. My only criticism is that it costs nearly $3000 rather than 25 or 26-hundred. Other than that, that’s one hell of a card!

    • Mike says:

      The PROBLEM Is the cost. There is no justifying 3000.00 for this card.


    • Chris says:

      Great comment Bradley. I love reading articles about great technical achievements but loathe seeing the inevitable barrage of contents from negative nellies at the bottom. To build on your point, we didn’t need to go to the moon either, but the engineering challenges we overcame along the way payed dividends for generations. Car companies don’t need racing teams or cars that go 200+ mph, but the engineering insights gained in those environments carry over into mainstream production. This card is a moonshot in an F1 car. They didn’t need to build it but I bet they learned a lot along the way. And I bet these lessons carry into the next generation of affordable cards thereby benefiting us all… Eventually.

    • BlackHat SEO says:

      By sticking 2x $1000 cards into one the normal thing to do would be to take 20% off the total price, so it should be more around 1800 not 3000. But it is 3000 because there’s no real competition when you have only 2 manufacturers. Same for the CPU market. And when you tend to have monopoly, the quality of your goods tends to decrease…so spare me the Veyron comparison, when Bugatti has plenty & healthy competition on the market, not just one rival that you even tried to squeeze out by suspicious gimmicks.
      The GPU market needs at least 4 producers in order to offer the best bang for our buck. Until then…

    • Ryan says:

      I’ll admit I am one of those that disagrees about the 3k price tag. I will also admit it is because I am jelous, and can not afford it 😀

  • Al Stem says:

    The number crunchers (BitCoin miners) will snap them up.

    • Mike says:

      This thing wont beat a R9 290X for mining bitcoins. And I would bet anything it wouldn’t.
      The power this thing will eat up and what you would pay on your electric bill would nullify any mining with this thing.

  • IsLNdbOi04 says:

    Since when has the Titan line been for gamers?

  • Judge Dredd says:

    You are drunk Nvidia… go home

  • White Rice MW says:

    If you think of it, think of how long this will last a good 5-10 years?

  • spawn1980 says:

    I think this is mostly aim at 4k tvs. because 2 sli 780ti or titan black only gets 30 fp on crysis 3

  • James says:

    I’m going to buy this card

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