Google is building a consumer electronics device

By February 13, 2012Newegg Newsroom

Last week, the New York Times reported that Google may soon evolve past its original use and become a regular part your living room. In order to branch out beyond the world wide web, insiders say Google has an “entertainment device” in the works.

We still haven’t heard anything directly from Google but rumors are circulating that the company is working to break into the hardware industry. Google is currently working toward buying Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion and it is expected that Motorola would be the manufacturer of the entertainment device.

While the term entertainment device is pretty vague, it’s expected that it will likely have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities and be able to connect to other home electronics equipment.

But no one really knows for sure what the device will offer, and Google insiders are keeping their mouths shut so far. As of now, consumer electronics enthusiasts simply have to wait and see what Google has up its sleeves.

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  • It’s probably going to be some kind of holographic device that floats next to you and makes you breakfast while you do computer-related stuff. Every device in your household will have a bluetooth receiver chip attached to it so that the device can interact.

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