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Tomorrow’s developments will come from innovations tied to Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Schools and companies around the country are sponsoring STEM events, contests and encouraging parents to work with their children on projects. The products cover a wide range of ages, interests and complexity.

Whether you want to code and fly a drone, build a robot, play with clay that comes alive with your AR-enabled phone or tablet, there is a cool learning project for you to enjoy. Start here to take the first step into a lifetime of understanding technology and customizing it to your needs.



If you are ready to take your Maker skills to the next level, you will need a board. The possibilities from here are nearly endless: remake your favorite arcade video game machine, a wireless weather station, program drones and robots, just to get a list started. Boards are the heart of your project.

Newegg has been the defacto source of computer components since 2001 and this extends even to small computer components like boards. You will find a fantastic selection, reviews and information to help you pick the perfect board for your needs. There is no better place for Makers.

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Once you start flying drones, you will understand how they came to be a favorite of the Maker Community. Chances are high you will experience a crash or two as you build your flying skills and you will need to fix your craft. Fortunately, drones are designed to be rebuilt and soon you will be a Maker who flies. The popularity of drones has kicked off new cottage industries in video, surveillance and, of course, racing.

Drone racing is the closest most of us will get to pilot our own plane without actually being inside the craft. Once you put the headset on and you see through the eye of the drone’s camera, you truly enjoy the sense of freedom that flight delivers. Just watch out for obstacles and competitors! Newegg carries popular drones for hobbies and intro-level racing drones.

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3D Printing

As you develop your Maker skills, you will find a 3D printer an essential tool. They continue to get easier to use, produce pieces with greater resolution and finish them faster. Not only do we provide 3D printers, but also scanners and filament. Scanners make it easy to copy pieces so you don’t need to use CAD software for everything you print.

The 3D printer market cooled, but is making a comeback with less expensive models, resin printers and more designs available on the market to kick start projects. Newegg keeps looking for the latest and greatest machines to keep Makers making.

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