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Ever wonder who’s on the other side of the phone when you call Newegg?
Newegg’s customer service team is comprised of over 150 representatives who handle thousands of contacts per day. The team has earned numerous awards over the years, including coming in 9th in the National Retail Federation Customers’ Choice Awards last year as well as recognition by Computer Shopper as one of the Best Places to Shop Online for 8 years in a row.

However, their job is not as easy as one would imagine. Even before becoming a customer service agent, each person is put through a rigorous training program over the span of 2 months. After training, each representative starts out as a customer service agent – the people who you first reach when you call Newegg’s customer service line.

Something else that Newegg’s customer service team prides itself on is their positivity, team spirit and camaraderie. As the Director of Customer Service Sue Martin states, “Happy agents make happy customers.” Martin believes in empowering each customer service agent to think outside the box, making good decisions and making sure each customer has the most positive, personal experience that they can when they contact Newegg. For example, below is a story where Customer Service Agent Giselle Gonzales was able to turn a negative experience into a positive experience with Newegg.

Giselle G., Customer Service story

Giselle had a customer who purchased a gift for her son. Since the package required a signature and the customer was at work, there were 3 failed delivery attempts which caused the package to be held at the shipping facility. The customer drove over an hour to pick up the package but when she arrived, she learned that the shipping company refused to release the package because she had listed her son as the “Ship To” name.  She called customer service and “yelled her head off.” Giselle stayed calm and empathetic.  Giselle thought outside the box and worked with logistics to contact the shipping carrier while she remained on the line with her customer.  Everything worked out great and her customer was allowed to sign for the package within a short amount of time.  When the customer got her package, she totally turned around, became very cheerful, and offered to take Giselle out to coffee – in Canada!

Something else that also sets Newegg aside from others is that we not only care for our customers, but also for our team members. The customer service department not only does monthly raffles and giveaways for employees, but also has a spirit committee who will decorate your desk on special events and think of ways to keep the positive energy flowing.

Do you have any stories about working together with Newegg’s customer service to resolve a problem?

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  • kenneth lux says:

    Returned a motherboard to newegg, a $180.00 item. Newegg said they never recieved it. A great company? I’ll shop elsewhere.

    • Mike says:

      Dude, you have to use tracking for something like that. Its common sense not to willy nilly refund money without receiving RMA’s back. I’ve worked in an RMA department before. More than 50% of stuff sent in is no fault found, and another 20% is not even sent in after getting an RMA number. My rule of thumb, if its over $100, it needs insurance and tracking number.

  • Jim says:

    Customer service. would like to see a way to turn off the new Smart sort tool on LCD and LED tv’s. Just an option to go back to one single click choice instead of click, slide, click slide, try to align click slide again.
    Please just an option to turn them off, or on your blog post the new sort tool and let your customers decide if they like it?

  • Peter Micheal Simkins says:

    I agree, take away the smart sort feature, I loathe it, TAKE IT OFF, Please!

    No one likes it, stick with what people like and already comfortable with instead of changing stuff!

    I don’t want to see the smart sort anywhere on your website ever again, not in Computer Cases or TV’s/Monitor’s or anything electronic and/or computer related!

    And I agree with Jim, but I simply don’t want to see the Smart Sort tool ever again, period!

  • bill nicholson says:

    Ordered a video card, didn’t come with software or power adapter. Customer service said since it was a refurb, you get what you get. Well I’ll get my next computer part from tiger direct,best buy or amazon. No where in the information on the web site or at anytime during the order did it state that the card would not come with what was needed to make it work. Would try to return it but the service tech I talked to never seemed to understand a 6 pin video adapter was missing. But did say well they just throw in the box what they have available at the time. Great job not only won’t it work, I’m afraid to return it and see what I get next. Done Done Done

    • Hello Bill,

      We are sorry to hear about the missing accessories from you most recent order and the level of customer service that you received. Please email us at with your order details and please reference this post, so we may look further into this.

      -Newegg Support

  • Steve says:

    I just had a very scary experience where I ordered some expensive computer parts and the tracking said they were delivered but I did not receive any packages. Talked to newegg staff and just like that they are shipping me replacements . Thank you newegg for making a scary experience into a fast fix. I will be a lifelong customer.

  • Larry Kruszynski says:

    July 19,20,21 2016. Are you aware that none of your links to get to customer service are working? I received an email that changes were made to my shipping address. I never made any such changes but can’t get in contact with anyone at NewEgg to talk to because none of the links to CS work, including “Feedback” in your page footer. I changed my default browser twice but it had no effect on your links.

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