Recap: GIGABYTE'S 9-Series Motherboard Launch at Newegg's Hybrid Center


Fans of Titanfall will love GIGABYTE'S new Z97 G1 Gaming Series!

Fans of Titanfall will love GIGABYTE’S new Z97 G1 Gaming Series!

Yesterday, GIGABYTE teamed up with Newegg to officially launch their new Z97 motherboards at our City of Industry Hybrid Center. Newegg customers not only got to see the boards up close, but they also got to meet pro gamer Kat Gunn, were treated to live overclocking demonstrations by sin0822, and entered raffles to win great prizes, like tickets to this year’s PowerHouse. If that weren’t enough to satisfy our die-hard PC fans, everyone in attendance was treated to free food from our good friends at Seoul Sausage Company.

GIGABYTE’s new lineup of motherboards is based on the Intel Z97/H97 chipsets and supports 4th and 5th generation Intel Core processors. With four different series to choose from including G1 Gaming, Overclocking, Black Edition, and Ultra Durable, there is a motherboard for everyone. And, according to GIGABYTE’s vice president, these boards will also last you a long time.

“GIGABYTE is excited to launch four new series of motherboards for the Intel 9-series chipset, each offering a host of new and unique GIGABYTE features matched with GIGABYTE signature quality and durability. Our 9-series motherboards also offer a future-proof platform to our customers by supporting the latest 4th generation Intel Core processors including the soon-to-launch refresh and unlocked CPUs, as well as future 5th generation Intel Core processors, ensuring they will be able to take advantage of current and upcoming Intel technologies.”

–Henry Kao, Vice President of GIGABYTE

GIGABYTE and Newegg were elated to be launching the new 9-series motherboards.

GIGABYTE and Newegg were elated to be launching the new 9-series motherboards together.

People from all over Southern California made the trip to the Hybrid Center to take a look at these boards for themselves and everyone was pleased that GIGABYTE delivered top-notch features that matter most to consumers. One of the most talked about boards last night was the G1 Gaming edition, which is available in a full range of top-to-bottom motherboards, including the compact and powerful Z97Z-Gaming Edition. The first customer inside the Hybrid Center remarked on how nice the new layout is on the Mini-ITX version.

“I really like how GIGABYTE moved the CPU socket away from the PCIe slot because now I can install aftermarket cooling that isn’t bumping on the video card. I’m definitely going to buy this.”

–Eugene from Garden Grove

Eugene couldn't wait for the event to begin and was the first person in attendance.

Eugene couldn’t wait for the event to begin and was the first person in attendance.

The new layout on the motherboard wasn’t the only feature that had our customers talking. A technology blogger in attendance, who is considering making the leap from a notebook to an overclocked desktop, also noted the quality look and feel of the motherboards.

“I have a laptop at the moment but I want to get a high-end desktop system that will allow me to overclock both the CPU and GPU. These new GIGABYTE motherboards fit my needs and I’m really excited about the Black Edition because they look and feel high-end. I like those quite a bit.”

–Leslie G. Perecz from Los Angeles

Leslie was impressed with the overclocking capabilities of GIGABYTE'S 9-series motherboards.

Leslie was impressed with the overclocking capabilities of GIGABYTE’S 9-series motherboards.

Motherboards were only part of the attraction last night as dozens of people entered a drawing to win two tickets to Power 106’s PowerHouse. The lucky winner was a motion picture colorist who just happened to be in the area. But after seeing the GIGABYTE boards in action, his trip to City of Industry took on a whole new meaning and is now considering purchasing one for his work.

“I was picking up a monitor from the Hybrid Center and saw this event was going on. I got to check out the new Intel chipset, the new GIGABYTE motherboards, and I even won tickets to PowerHouse so this is great! I work in the motion picture industry and I’m really impressed with the Ultra Durable series because it has two Thunderbolt ports along with 4k support. They also have M.2 connectors that get you really high 10Gbps speeds and that’s exactly what I need.”

–Daniel from Pacific Palisades

And the lucky PowerHouse winner is...Daniel Woiwode!

And the lucky PowerHouse winner is…Daniel Woiwode!

Newegg TV was also on hand to cover the event and broadcasted live on our channel. If you weren’t in attendance or in front of your computer yesterday, take a look at some pictures from the event and be sure to be there next time!


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