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Tips for a Winning Super Bowl Party

By January 19, 2016No Comments

The big game is only a few weeks away, so make sure you have everything for the ultimate party.

I love watching sports, and championship games are the best. Stakes are high, everyone is fired up, and it is a ton of fun to round up family and friends to make a party of it. Whether it is the Stanley Cup playoffs, college bowl games, World Cup/UEFA Cup, or regular season games I am there- but nothing beats the Super Bowl.

I have been to numerous Super Bowl parties and hosted a few myself, with some great times and some definite flops. From my experiences, I pulled out a few aspects from the winners to help you host the best Bowl party yet.

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A Proper TV
Obviously the most important part about watching the game is being able to see it clearly. You don’t want to have a rinky-dink tube TV with everyone huddled around squinting to see every detail- that is just asking for trouble. While, I have been to some tailgate parties with epic big screen TVs in the back of trucks that put many home setups to shame, you really don’t need to rush out and get the biggest TV you can find. Of course the screen has to be large enough to maximize “immersion,” but taking into account the wall space and size of the room are also important factors.

Chances are you won’t have a big viewing party too regularly, so keep that in mind when evaluating your TV options. Also, you want to factor in the viewing distance- a general rule of thumb is 50-60” sets should be viewed from 6.25’-7.5’ respectively, and have an optimum viewing range of about 7’. Despite today’s sparse 4k content and lack of full 4k broadcasts, this year will be one of massive 4K growth, so it may be a good time to upgrade.


Cold Beverages
I love beer with my sports. In fact, I regularly brew my own and have a blast doing it. I suggest anyone who enjoys tinkering, testing, readjusting (and of course beer) pick up the hobby, but that is another topic for another day.

It is pretty standard for any party to have a slew of nice cold beverages. I like a kegerator, it is a great way to keep lots of beer cold for entertaining, and it stays fresh quite a while. Of course, if you are only an occasional entertainer then maybe a small drink fridge will do the job, but there just isn’t quite as much of a wow factor.


A Thumping Sound System
Having to read subtitles or straining to hear the sounds put a damper on any game, especially the Super Bowl. Even if you have a great TV, poor audio takes away from the overall experience. What you really want is to be immersed in the action, and a high quality sound system does the trick. It might be more difficult if you have a larger group of people at different angles from the TV, but here are some tips:
• A sound bar is a quick and relatively inexpensive upgrade
• The ideal sound system has an even amount of speakers, a sound bar, and a subwoofer
• The sound bar should be directly underneath the TV, the subwoofer on the floor, and speakers angled inwards from the left and right both in front and behind, towards the sitting area.
• To get the best effect, arrange the “path of sound” from each speaker to converge where people will be seated


If you have ever been to a poorly prepared viewing party then you know one of the biggest busts is to not have any/enough solid food. You need something to soak up all that beer and keep you focused on the game! Slow cookers might not seem cool, but hands down they are one of my favorite things in the kitchen. It is super easy to throw things together and basically set it on autopilot, and have it cook without you worrying. Not to mention it is almost foolproof, and keeps the food hot all day (think chili or nacho cheese).


It isn’t a proper game day spread without finger foods. I am particularly fond of mozzarella sticks. With the health-conscious trend on the rise, leaving out the oil for cooking up those tasty treats is pretty standard now, and really you don’t even need it. This countertop device uses a combination of infrared heat and convection to quickly cook and crisp up either fresh or frozen foods, while you watch the game. The versatility really makes it great, because you can cook anything from wings, eggrolls, to hot dogs and steaks. The lack of grease not only makes it healthier, but also cleaner than trying to fry something with oil, so it is a win all around.


Comfy Furniture
There are certain things you can get away with in your younger stages of life that just don’t fly later on. For example, a couch that has been abused for generations is fine in college, but you don’t want your adult friends to come over to sit on a piece of furniture that is falling apart. Another no-go is a mashup of something like lawn chairs, folding chairs, and anything else you can find. That doesn’t make for a good presentation and you don’t want your guests to be uncomfortable.
I like to have a solid couch setup for the main seating area, with a club chair off to each side. It is super cozy and inviting, not to mention it looks pretty slick. I personally love to sink into my furniture when I watch TV, and enjoy watching in comfort. Barstools are really easy to set up almost anywhere, and they don’t clutter up the room. They also add some depth to the seating variety, and if you have a home bar then these are a must. Some top furniture picks for me would be from Christopher Knight Home, because they offer reasonable prices and don’t skimp on the comfort or style.

What are some of your Super Bowl party must-haves?

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