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Neura Platform unites IoT with user privacy

By January 21, 2016December 5th, 2017No Comments

Neura Platform plans to unite IoT devices while protecting users’ privacy.

IoT is an exciting thing. To have all my devices wired together sounds great, unless of course someone else has access to them. Neura plans to fix that.

They have raised 11 million dollars to develop its SDK and make a platform that will unite IoT devices while controlling the information at the user level, so the user can decide what to share. Imagine a future with 20 or so devices in your home tracking you or your roommate, from temperature controls to lighting, even movement from place to place, slowly learning your habits and optimizing your life. IoT could turn on the AC, lock the doors, fire up the TV.

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Neura works like the brain their name is based off. It’s designed to see how people interact with their IoT devices, using behavior patterns to control devices around the user.

The phrase “in the privacy in your own home” won’t mean the same if used with all these devices watching your movements. I think a real concern for those users planning on adding IoT devices to their homes is security, privacy and how information would be shared. No one wants a private corporation or the government tracking their every movement. How that data will be used in the future is concerning for most.


When you add health monitors to the equation your IoT devices can tell everything about you from heart rate to emotion. Maybe your future house will add some soothing light to calm your nerves or even raise the tempo on your songs when you get ready to exercise.

That’s where the CEO’s personal experience comes into play. While suffering from misdiagnosed diabetes, the medication she was prescribed wasn’t working and traditional testing like glucometers didn’t give enough information to know what was truly going on. It wasn’t until they cross- referenced the blood sugar ratings with her fitness and food diaries were her doctors able to determine what was happening. Having access to all this information can empower and solve issues that may be easily overlooked and could potentially save lives in the future.

Neura will work to unite these devices, as well as being a control gate for that information, so it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. I think with more devices like this, we will truly see more developments in the IoT world that everyone will be willing to embrace.

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