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5 Ways to Keep Your Work Desk Organized and Your Mind Stress Free

By November 2, 2015No Comments
Desk Space
Desk Space

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If you’re surrounded by clutter while you work, chances are you’re just too busy. You’re likely too overwhelmed to think about straightening up your work space. Your environment affects your productivity, and not just when it comes to knowing where things are located and accessing them easily. Our mental well-being is impacted by the piles of paper on our desks. So here are a few ideas for helping you get to a better state of mind to boost your productivity while working.

Cable Management

Getting cables under control immediately makes things feel less chaotic. It also decreases the dangers of damaging thousands of dollars worth of equipment. Keep your under-desk cables plugged into one or two power strips so they aren’t going in several directions, then tape them together, or run them through a box with holes to manage the extra cord length. You can also place the power strip in a wire letter tray to the underside of your desk to keep all but one cord hidden and off the ground. If you’re the type who likes a pop of color then you can code your cords with Washi tape so you can immediately know which cord belongs to what device without taking the time to untangle them.

Power Cord

Purge Your Drawers

We all know deep down in the recesses of our drawers and cabinets we’re holding onto things we don’t need. Shuffling papers around may tidy things up enough to allow you to work without distractions, but if you really want to revolutionize your work area you’re going to have to dig a little deeper. Put a time limit on your documents. For example, say you’ll throw away anything older than three years unless it’s currently relevant. If there are old documents you can’t get rid of, digitize them and recycle those messy pages.

Organize Your Computer

Almost everything we use when sitting at a desk is now contained on one machine, from your calculator to your calendar. Your desk may have less tools taking up space, but your desktop is probably a different story. De-cluttering your workspace is about more than just keeping your actual desk clean. Sort files on your computer and get rid of space-sucking documents, programs and downloads. Save important documents on an external hard drive. You’ll probably find your computer running a bit faster after you do some much needed house cleaning.

External Hard Drive

Set Up a Mail Area

Mail has a way of piling up and overtaking your work area, even if it’s not relevant to your work at all. Sometimes even a paper tray won’t do the trick. Instead of mail taking up space on your desk or placing them in drawers where you might forget something important, hang a sorter on the wall. Have separate slots for outgoing mail, bills and the pieces you still need to sort.

Establish Priority for Your Tasks

If you juggle several projects at once, sticking to one task is challenging. If you organize your projects according to priority, it’s a little easier to focus. Create an urgent pile and a non-urgent pile. Date everything according to when you received it and when it’s due. Have a separate folder for projects you have to put aside due to waiting on feedback or input from other people. This will keep things from slipping through the cracks.

Taking time to implement these quick and easy changes will have a positive effect on your work space and your mood. By minimalizing your clutter, you’ll be maximizing your creativity and hard work.

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