ASUS PRIME Z390-A & WS Z390 PRO: Design & feature overview

From content creation to advanced productivity and gaming, the PRIME and WS series of motherboards offer reliable operation alongside a combination of features you can’t find anywhere else. Whether you’re looking for advanced cooling connectivity control, robust overclocking options, or extensive IO connectivity, these ASUS boards have your covered.

In this deep dive, JJ from ASUS walks you through the robust RGB lighting options on these boards, and how it all works with ASUS AURA. For overclockers and those wanting the best performance, you’ll get all the details on ASUS AiOC, and how ASUS OC design ensure stability and scaling when it comes to CPU and DRAM overclocking. Whether manual or automatic, both of these boards will let you get the most from from your 9th gen, K series Intel CPU.

If you’re passionate about cooling, check out all the details on ASUS’s Fan Xpert IV fan control design, and the extensive range of options to calibrate, customize, control and monitor all of your cooling devices. JJ will also answer all your questions about Thunderbolt 3, M.2 NVMe, Optane, and RAID configurations. Find out why either one of these boards is a great choice for your next Intel Z390 build. This video was produced in collaboration with ASUS.


ASUS Z390 Prime-A


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