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Gaming on GameCrate 2.0

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With the original design still in mind, GrameCrate 2.0 is now online. The changes to the site will enable more content to be featured seamlessly on the home page. Now readers can enjoy the latest in gaming news, reviews, and information with a design that is tailored for greater user experience.

GameCrate is really the place to be when discussing the latest in gaming and computer entertainment. The site covers just about every type of gaming genre out there. Not to mention every type of gaming platform. You will see plenty of content and industry news for both hard-core PC and console gamers. Whether you are an in depth gaming enthusiast or a casual player, there is definitely something for you.

The Games

Gaming On GameCrate

With in-depth news and game reviews you can keep up to date with your favorite titles. GameCrate covers virtually every type of game from Batman, Mortal Kombat, Witcher, sports, to racing and strategy games.

Building a website dedicated to the world of gaming is an enormous undertaking. The website has been designed to truly become an immersive experience just like our favorite games are.

The Gear

Hardware Articles

One of the first things you might notice right off the bat is the greater presence of gaming gear. The team over at GameCrate doesn’t just review the games they also review all the latest technology that will up your gaming experience.

Check out a few of their reviews. Their hardware posts go over topics such as the best gaming laptops out there, the latest peripherals to hit the market, and new technology that can be used in your entertainment system.

We at Newegg hope you have a great time exploring GameCrate 2.0 and enjoy reading about the latest in gaming.  What are some of your favorite gaming experiences?



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