Buying Guide: The best mobile music players

By October 19, 2012Buying Guides

How often do you see people with headphones in? Technology has made it easier to listen to your favorite songs no matter where you are. MP3 players have become a standard device for most consumers, whether they want to bring their music to the gym, workplace or anywhere in between. In recent years, manufacturers have been adding new features so the gadgets can do much more than play music.

iPod Touch
Apple’s MP3 players are fan favorites, but the iPod Touch offers the most features and functionality. The device does everything an iPhone can aside from making phone calls. Users can download apps, play games and connect to Wi-Fi networks and surf the web while they sing along to their music.

The most up-to-date iPod Touch models have rear-facing cameras that can record videos and take pictures, though the image quality isn’t as clear as it is on a smartphone. There are no data plans available for the MP3 players either, so consumers can’t go online without a Wi-Fi connection.

Zune HD
Microsoft discontinued their line of music devices, but there are still plenty of models available. Zune HDs are very similar to iPod Touches, except they lack cameras and use the Windows Marketplace – so there aren’t as many available apps.

Consumers can subscribe to Microsoft’s streaming service so that they don’t even have to download songs. Zune HDs have 16:9 resolution screens, giving the devices the same video quality as high definition televisions – only on a smaller scale.

Samsung Galaxy Player 4.2
For Android loyalists, there are MP3 players available that run on the mobile OS, and the Samsung Galaxy Player 4.2 is one of the best. Unlike other mobile media hubs, these devices have a front-facing camera for video calls through applications like Skype and Google Hangout. Samsung has also included microSD slots so consumers are able to expand the memory of their gadget.

However, the Galaxy Player lags behind the competition when it comes to playing music. The website found that the device keeps audio to low levels, so users have to increase the volume to clearly hear their music.

For various reasons, all of these MP3 players have become popular choices for consumers who want to do more than listen to music while on the go. What do you look for in an MP3 player? Do you look purely for a music player, or do you look for a multi-functional device?

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