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Smart Home Apps Make You Feel Safe, Even When You’re Thousands of Miles Away

By October 19, 2015No Comments
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Your home is your safety net, the place you don’t want to have to worry about when you’re gone. Of course, the more time and energy you spend making a house a home, the more concerned you feel about its well-being. This only increases the likelihood you’ll want to implement smart technology into your home, unless you’re the friendly neighbor who leaves the back door open in a welcoming gesture and perceives your old beagle as your home’s best line of defense. If it sounds a lot like your strategy, then this article is not for you.

If you are looking for a modern update, the good news is there are plenty of options on the market. Smart home technology is growing rapidly. Consumer Reports estimates there will be about “37 billion smart products on the market by the year 2020.” Read on for how to make your home a smarter, better and safer one to give you peace of mind, no matter how far you roam.

Extra Protection with Multi-functional Apps

It’s simply better to have smart home technology than unconnected devices which won’t tell you anything when you’re hundreds or thousands of miles away. It’s almost equally as important to connect multiple devices to one automation system to keep hackers off your Wi-Fi and out of your home. Do your best to ensure your network is private and protected. This is crucial before purchasing an app to control multiple devices. You can cluster some together, like the FortrezZ Wireless Z-Wave Water Valve, which keeps a close watch out for anything with the potential to flood your home while you’re away: toilets, faucets or even washing machines you left on when you went out to the store. Sensors will alert you through e-mail, text or phone to let you know the second it senses any leakages to prevent serious water damage in your home.

Create a Presence, Even When You’re Away

Many of us remember the infamous scene in the Christmas classic Home Alone in which young Kevin McAllister brilliantly manipulates the dialogue from a mobster movie to scare off burglars. Not to be outdone, Samsung’s Smart Things security app followed suit by creating a security system you can control when you’re not home. Smart sensors around the house will alert you the second someone tries to even open a door. I love the added sound effects like a siren alarm or a barking dog to scare off intruders. Samsung also offers lighting control so you can turn your lights on or off and access the thermostat. So allow your smart home to ease your mind whenever you travel. Vacations are supposed to be easy, right?

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