Thousands of Newegg Products Now Available in the United Kingdom and Australia

By April 8, 2014Newegg Newsroom

neLogoUS.1Great news, international readers! Starting today, we’re expanding Newegg to include shoppers in the United Kingdom and Australia. Customers from these countries will now be able to shop on and enjoy the same low prices as our American clientele.


We’re not quite ready to unleash our entire catalog, which includes millions of products. Instead, we’re starting out by offering thousands of items as we begin our international expansion. Don’t worry though; we’ll be adding new items frequently as we widen our overseas reach.

“We want to ensure our new international customers have the same great experience our customers in North America have come to expect. Although the initial selection of products available in the UK and Australia represents only a small subset of the Newegg catalog, we’ll be greatly increasing the selection in the coming months.”
–Soren Mills, Chief Marketing Officer for Newegg North America

How to Shop from the UK or Australia:

1. Visit and your country will be automatically detected and shown in the header. Once you select which type of currency you would like to use, you’re ready to start shopping.


2. Click on the Newegg Global banner to browse items that are available in your region. Or, while browsing products by category, toggle the Newegg Global Eligible filter.



3. Add eligible items to your cart and proceed to checkout when you’re ready. Taxes and duties will be added automatically to your total before proceeding to the billing information page.


And that’s it! Pretty easy, right? Once again, please keep in mind that this is a soft launch and we’re asking for your feedback. Please visit our contact page and let us know how you feel about your international shopping experience.

We’re very excited to welcome our UK and Australian friends to the Newegg community. For more information about Newegg’s global expansion, click here. If you have additional questions or concerns, click here to contact Newegg customer service.

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  • Grzegorz says:

    I really do hope You going to make it in UK market,but You must change a lot otherwise You just going to end up just like Best Buy UK…
    selections of the products is shocking low
    no real advertisement anywhere
    and you customer service have less information about shipping to UK that i do…I was hoping to order a laptop but all 4 customer service chat agents gave some useless and evasive answers …

  • Dillan says:

    What about New Zealand!?!

  • jain says:

    rather than burdening with postage cost on every order, why don’t you appoint local stockists ,preferably which has chain of stores, which would be ready to receive all orders from their city and either allow pick up or post at local cost for a small fee.

  • TB says:

    Doesn’t work with me: PNY VCGGTX7602XPB-OC GeForce GTX 760 2GB 256-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 SLI Support Video Card
    can be selected when clicked on Newegg Global eligible.. but gets dumped when clicking on the Shopping Cart.

    • Hi TB,

      We are very sorry for this error; thank you very much for bringing this to our attention. We have sent a report to our IT department to have this looked into. Can you please email us to for updates on this issue?

      We look forward to hearing from you.

      Thank you,
      Newegg Support

  • Daniel says:

    Why is the shipping cost insanely expensive?

    • TB says:

      Agree.. $60 shipping for a motherboard. I can order from anywhere in the US using Borderlinx for that. Another big supplier in US has $15 shipping for those items.

  • briantokyo says:

    Import duties are outrageous. This “expansion” is pointless unless you do a separate European service.

    • steve says:

      works out a lot more than some of the more expensive uk sites. pointless to expand if you are unable to be competitive on pricing everyone else will go elsewhere.

  • Colin says:

    Unless newegg is going to open a warehouse in the UK, it is pointless buying from the US which ends up being more.

  • Atiq says:

    The shipping and duty costs make it so much more expensive then buying it in the UK that its ridiculously stupid to think about buying from Newegg even with the lower prices.

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