Buying Guide: Top four reasons to shop online at Newegg this Black Friday

By November 21, 2012Buying Guides

With Black Friday quickly approaching, many people have already started to camp out in front of their favorite stores. However, others will be doing their holiday shopping online without taking a single step out of their homes. We believe that online shopping is the way to go, and here are the reasons why:

No long lines – There’s no need to camp out in front of a store in order to snag the best deals. You won’t have to spend valuable time away from your family and friends in the cold! In addition, you won’t have to wait in miles-long checkout lines that snake all around the store. Stay warm, save time, and shop from the comfort of your home in the company of your loved ones.

No crowds – Do you hear horror stories about people being trampled or fighting over the last toy? When shopping online, the most you would have to deal with are slow internet speeds – there is no risk of embarrassing yourself by losing your composure battling angry moms for discounted toys or electronics. Save your mental health.

Save gas and money – With the rising gas prices in full effect, people are looking for ways to travel less and save money. By staying at home, you can save as much as $100 on a full tank of gas (depending on various factors).

Wider selection of items – When shopping online, you instantly have thousands of items at your fingertips. For example, we just posted over 1,000 Black Friday deals at which are constantly updated throughout the upcoming days. With one glance, you can easily check prices and descriptions of all the products on sale. In addition, it is also easier to check the prices of a certain product across multiple retailers – helping you find the best deals!

Do you prefer to shop online? Why or why not?

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  • The Black Friday website is very awkward and not what I’d expect from Newegg. Seriously, you’re making me page through 55 webpages to see the deals! And, if I select ALL then I lose photo and pricing detail. This is frustrating…

  • Edgar Smith says:

    Agree, with one exception. I just purchased 2 new cell phones on Sunday 18 November and was told they had one day shipping and would be shipped first thing Monday morning. 4 days later I just received a message that they had been shipped…and since it is Thanksgiving day (22 November)…I don’t expect to get them until Monday 26 November (8 days after supposedly next day shipping)….wait in line to get something now…or get lied to and get them over a week later….your call!

    • Newegg says:

      We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this situation may have caused you. At this time we ask that you contact our customer service department by calling 1-800-390-1119 Monday – Friday 5:30 AM – 7:00 PM PST. Our agents are standing by to assist you. In addition, you can also access our 24 hour live chat by clicking the link provided below.

      We thank you for your time and look forward to further assisting you.

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