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Buying Guide: TVs. TVs everywhere…

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In the past, televisions were used to serve a simple purpose for people. Sure, there were different sizes and some came in color and others in black and white, but the decision to purchase a TV was an easy one to make.

Today, there are so many different TVs, making a choice can be mind-boggling. There are plasma, liquid crystal diode and light emitting diode televisions. There are also LED-LCD products for consumers and even 3D TVs. The big question, however, is which is the best technology for you?

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As far as contrast levels go, plasma televisions provide darker blacks and brighter whites and greater color accuracy, edging out LCD TVs. However, LCD offers greater brightness and, in the power consumption area, LCD is the winner, using less energy than plasma.

The major advantage that may set plasma over the top from LCD TVs is the pricing. As plasma televisions increase in size, they generally offer greater savings than LCD, sometimes 30 to 40 percent more value, especially once the TV reaches 50-inches or more.

The great part about all of these unique TVs means finding the right product is possible. There are so many options out there, the only problem may be choosing the size and style best for you. Still having a hard time making a decision? Hop on over to to check out the latest and greatest TVs on the market.

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