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Newegg Ranked as One of the Top Most Trustworthy Online Retailers

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Originally created as an informal industry working group to combat increasing levels of spam and deceptive email, the Online Trust Alliance (OTA) has been committed to the betterment of the Internet for nearly a decade. Their mission is straightforward: “To help educate businesses, policy makers, and stakeholders while developing and advancing best practices and tools to enhance the protection of users’ security, privacy, and identity.” By supporting collaborative public-private partnerships, conducting benchmark reporting, and promoting data sharing and collaboration through working groups; the OTA is one of the most reliable sources when it comes to empowering consumers.

Recently, the OTA held an Online Trust Audit where they evaluated nearly 800 of the top consumer websites in the entire world. By using a combination of resources including Alexa, comScore, the FDIC, government rankings, and Internet Retailer Magazine’s Internet Retailer 500, this comprehensive evaluation allows the top online retailers to distinguish themselves among the rest. Only 28.8% of those evaluated made the OTA’s Honor Roll, and Newegg ranked #8 overall. Because nearly 70% didn’t even qualify and 52.7% failed, this award proves Newegg is committed to becoming the most trusted marketplace on the web.

The 2014 top 10 most trustworthy online retailers are:

  1. American Greetings
  2. Netflix
  3. Christian Book Distributors
  4. Sony Electronics
  6. Big Fish
  7. Walmart
  8. Newegg
  9. Books-A-Million
  10. Jack Threads & Zulily (tie)

“These companies represent a broad spectrum, ranging from the fourth highest revenue earner among retailers to the 476th highest. This validates that the Honor Roll is achievable by retailers of all sizes and that the criteria is not onerous or costly to achieve.”

– Craig Spiezle, OTA Executive Director

Newegg is proud to be honored as one of the world’s most trustworthy online retailers and would like to thank the Online Trust Alliance for their recognition. We promise to always do our best as we tirelessly pursue our goals of offering a superior shopping experience, rapid delivery, and stellar customer service. We’re dedicated to making sure that everyone enjoys shopping at Newegg and we’re passionate about exceeding our customers’ expectations.


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  • christ says:

    That’s funny, I’ve shopped there twice in the past 2 years and both times my orders have never arrived. The first time, I messaged newegg many times and it was never resolved, so I said whatever.. Didn’t want to deal with it..

    The second time was a package from a month ago. It says shipped with 2day air. I contacted newegg numerous times and they told me I have to talk to the seller. I contacted the seller, and was told there was a delay at the post office.

    Was asked what I wanted to do and I requested a refund.. Still haven’t heard a response.. Contacted newegg again about the issue and still haven’t heard from them either..

    This is what I get for ordering Card Against Humanity when it was on sale for $22.50 on newegg as opposed to shopping at my usual place (Amazon) and getting it for $25.

    I’m still going to try and get my money back, but after this I will never shop at newegg again, or recommend them.

    I do allot of shopping on Amazon and this has happened many times. In fact they use a carrier that I dislike (Lasership) which leaves packages at my door when I’m not home. And a few times the packages were stolen. I contacted Amazon and you know what I got?

    A response and a new package at my door.. Granted they used the same horrible shipping company again.. But I still got what I wanted.

  • christ says:

    I’ve also just realized that this is a newegg blog. I will see how long my original post takes to get deleted.. If it even passes moderation.

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