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Get a Capital Advance for Your
Newegg Store


Put Your Growth Plans in Motion with a Capital Advance for Your Newegg Store

Whether you need cash to buy more inventory or spend on marketing campaigns, Newegg Capital gives you the most flexible funding tools to invest in your business and grow your sales.

The Newegg Capital advance is powered by Payability Instant Advance. Payability is the leading funding company for eCommerce sellers worldwide.

Up to 250k in capital.

By analyzing your store, we are able to give you the right amount at the right time.

Easy application.

No credit checks. No physical bank statements. No lengthy applications. Connect your Newegg account and apply in under 10 minutes.

Seamless Payback.

Wave goodbye to payment due dates and penalties. Your advance will be paid back with a portion of your future sales.

Capital to Grow Your Newegg Business

Get paid for your sales next day with Instant Access.

 Get up to $250,000 today.

Get up to 2% cash back.

No credit checks required.

Fast and easy approvals.

How to Get Started

Step 1 – Apply
Complete your application online.

Step 2 – Approval
Get approved for Newegg Capital.

Step 3 – Get Funds
Receive funds the same day.

Step 4 – Grow
Start growing your business today!



What does Payability Instant Advance cost to use?

Unlike a loan, Payability does not charge interest. Instead, we charge a simple weekly flat fee based on the purchased receivables. Selling over $100k/month? Contact our New York-based sales team at 646-494-8675 to see if you’re eligible for reduced rates.

What information do I need to give Payability to get an Instant Advance?

All we need is access to your marketplace seller accounts. From there, we will determine whether you qualify and come up with the best possible offer.

Can I use Instant Advance if I already have other funding?

Payability Instant Advance works alongside most other funding. Funding your marketplace business growth is not a one size fits all solution.

How do I qualify for Payability Instant Advance?

The minimum qualifications for Payability Instant Advance are 9 or more months of consistent sales history and average monthly sales of $10,000.

Get the Cashflow You Need to Grow Your Business

The application is fast, easy and secure. Need more information or would like to speak with a representative?

Email or call (646) 494-8675.