Skip to main content is the flagship retail site of Newegg, Inc, the world’s largest pure-play CE/IT e-retailer. With a rich history and a passionate customer following since founding in 2001, it has been a  destination for PCs, gaming, and consumer electronics, which has grown to include everything with a tech aspect. While tech is the primary focus for our customers, they have come to use as a source for all the greatest products in other areas of their life, expanding the opportunity potential for the platform. The massive customer base that regularly uses not only seeks products to purchase, but engages with the established community across social media and utilizes our content to learn and become inspired. With over 40 million registered customers and growing, trends are set on To sign up to become a seller on our marketplace, please apply.

Newegg Global

Newegg Global is a cross-border selling program designed to make it easy for you to sell products to new customers from around the world. Whether you are new to selling globally or an experienced cross-border seller, our program is designed to give you the ability to sell to markets that make sense for your business and scale its growth overseas. Newegg has identified key markets that are cross-border friendly, starting with 20 countries now available to qualified sellers. If you are an existing seller on our marketplace, Newegg Global selling program is available to you today. See our Newegg Global Setup Guide*, for simple steps to get started.

Newegg Business is a leading provider of a full range of IT, office, and industrial products and solutions for small businesses, government agencies, healthcare, educational institutions and system integrators. It is an ideal solution for professional sellers who want to reach a diverse and loyal business customer base. Our B2B platform extends beyond the web, with an offline team that brings the ease and service of our online site direct to customers. Learn More

Newegg Canada presents a unique blend of allure and mystery for U.S. and global businesses alike. Flourishing sectors such as automotive, technology, and name brand general merchandise make this unsaturated and growing e-tail market an excellent business investment. Whether you are a Canadian seller looking to target your domestic customers or an international merchant eager to target the Canadian audience, the market is ripe with opportunity. We have a dedicated Canadian Marketplace team located in Toronto that has driven over 100% YOY growth of the platform since its launch in 2014. Learn More