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After each sale, your balance is reflected in the Seller Portal where you can track your transactions. Merchants are paid every Wednesday on Net 15 terms for all orders that shipped in the Newegg system. Funds are deposited directly into your specified account once a week via ACH transfers, so you will typically receive payment between 15-21 days. Payment details will be emailed to you weekly, and you can also access each settlement under your Seller Portal account.

Selling on overseas marketplaces can be a great way to expand your business and put your products in front of millions of new customers, while also giving you the opportunity to overcome challenges such as domestic competition and seasonality.

For international sellers participating in cross-border trade, we know there can be difficulties with managing foreign proceeds, exchange rates and transfer speeds. Newegg has partnered with payment service providers to help your business be free of friction that comes when selling overseas. (Learn More)

In addition, managing international logistics can demand a lot of your resources, making cross-border trade challenging. Our selected logistics partners offer sellers tailored solutions designed to make shipping globally easier.



BoxC Logistics, Inc. is a startup company founded in 2013, and was a part of Batch 6 of 500 Startups in Mountain View, CA. World trade is more interconnected than ever before and will continue to grow substantially in the future. Our mission is to solve the numerous cross-border e-commerce problems that arise from international trading. (Learn More)


Founded in 2005, Chukou1 is a leading cross-border logistics solutions provider for e-commerce sellers based in China. Leveraging their robust warehousing network and global resources, Chukou1 offers diverse logistics services ranging from international air/sea freight to special line to international postal and express services. Their motto, “Global Zero Distance, Easy e-Commerce” means they’re about shipping your products professionally and efficiently. (Learn More)


Floship is a Hong Kong-based e-commerce order fulfillment provider that handles storage, order picking, custom packaging, and shipping – all automated and fully integrated with the Newegg platform. Be it by air or ocean freight, Floship has a custom solution for your business. (Learn More)


Freightos’ mission is to make global trade frictionless, with online tools to instantly compare and book international and domestic freight shipping. We cooperate with partners and thought leaders around the world in order to help them and their customers access instant, transparent global freight shipping. (Learn More)


World First

World First is a leading foreign exchange company specializing in solutions for online marketplace sellers. They can provide you with access to a U.S. bank account, through which you can receive revenue payments from Newegg. You can then arrange for your funds to be transferred to your home bank account at a time of your choosing and in your local currency. World First offers competitive exchange rates to help ensure you keep more of your money when it’s sent home. (Learn More)


Payoneer is a cross-border payment platform that provides online money transfer and currency conversion services for online sellers. It’s easy to sign up and receive your Newegg payments into your Payoneer account, where they can be easily withdrawn directly to your home bank account in your local currency. (Learn More)


PingPong is an innovative global money transfer service provider that provides payment and currency conversion services specifically for cross border e-commerce merchant based in China. Pingpong specializes secure and efficient global money transfer service which enables e-commerce merchant getting paid from global ecommerce marketplaces in foreign currency into their local bank account in China or Hong Kong and conveniently converted into their local currency. Pingpong’s service is fast, reliable and cost competitive. (Learn More)

Wire Transfer

For domestic sellers with a US bank account or international sellers, the standard method for transferring profits from your sales on Newegg is a wire transfer. Paypal can also be enabled for fund transfers, with a maximum amount of up to $10,000. (Learn More)