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What is A+ Content?

A+ Content on Newegg is a service delivering a customized overview section of your product pages, which houses rich content designed to drive customer engagement. With this optimized service customers can find detailed information about your product, view captivating photos and comparison charts, and make an informed purchase decision. A+ Content also allows you to include video content, for product highlights or tutorials. Custom product tours are available as well, and all A+ Content is responsive for display on mobile devices.

For brands and resellers looking to take control of their e-commerce presence and master the art of selling on a marketplace, A+ Content is the starting point that opens doors for increased ROI and branding presence.

A+ Content on Newegg offers customers a rich experience to interact with products

Benefits of A+ Content

Utilize Newegg’s A+ Content services to optimize your product content for Google and Newegg, earn greater visibility, and improve conversion rates. Integrating elements such as comparison charts, interactive imagery, and insightful videos into your product description captivates customers while delivering compelling and relevant information.

Enhanced and more detailed product descriptions

Rich images, videos, comparison charts, and tables

Increased brand awareness and engagement

Greater product page conversion

Did You Know?


Products with A+ Content on Newegg see an average of…

757% More Page Views

176% More Cart Additions

128% More Revenue Generated

…than those without it?

A+ Content Before Your Eyes

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A+ Content FAQ

Where can I opt-in for A+ Content services?

Sellers can request for A+ Content services for their product listing through Seller Portal. Sellers will need to login and select A+ Content under the Advertising tab.

What assets can be used to develop A+ Content?

The seller is responsible for supplying all relevant assets for the listing utilizing the A+ Content service. Common assets include copy, still imagery, imagery with touch points, videos, comparison charts, graphs, and any web links. Sellers can and are advised to provide additional design instructions for the designer.

What's the process and turnaround time?

First the seller must submit a task request and provide the necessary instructions with all the applicable assets. A designer will review and accept the task or request for more information. Once the request is processed the designer will create the listing and will notify the seller of the first draft. The seller can review the preview and either approve it or provide additional edits. After the designed and seller approve the listing, it will be submitted to Newegg’s Content team for final approval and publishing.

The process can take up to a week to complete. Please note if there is a high volume of A+ Content requests, sellers can and are advised to reach out to the designer for status updates.

What languages does A+ content services support?

Currently, English is the only supported language.

How much does A+ Content service cost?

Once a paid option, adding A+ Content to listings is now free for Newegg Marketplace Sellers.