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Your direct-to-consumer connection; an e-commerce platform, marketing agency, logistics partner, and full-service operations hub here to help you.

Over the past 19 years, Newegg has developed a robust network of platforms and services that have helped to position us as the world’s leading pure-play CE/IT e-retailer, with a reach into 20 countries. Through our marketplace platform, we have enabled brands and retailers from around the globe to take charge of their e-commerce footprint and grow online sales by leveraging our marketing solutions to target our over 40 million-strong customer base.

Today, our D2C (direct-to-consumer) program is aimed at maximizing our marketplace seller and vendor partner capabilities through the strategic use of our suite of services in four key areas of e-commerce: marketing, logistics, customer service, and IT development. Newegg’s D2C program has solutions to power the achievement of any goals, whether they be for brand awareness, sales, operational cost reduction, efficiency increases, global expansion, or anything in between. As the Newegg D2C program continues to evolve, it allows brands and retailers of all sizes to utilize the Newegg core competencies in a flexible, scalable manner to target their own level of partnership involvement and growth strategy.

Platform Services


Gain full access to all the progressive marketing tools Newegg has to offer, or pick and choose which ones make the most sense for you. Target growing your brand awareness and sales on the leading tech-focused e-retailer in North America, through our suite of marketing services such as SEM, SEO, editorial content production, email marketing, creative design, advanced analytics, and much more.


Newegg Logistics offers brands and resellers a variety of service options that leverage Newegg's scale to ensure highly cost-effective rates, while reducing overall workload. Whether seeking FTL, LTL, ocean and air freight, warehousing, last-mile delivery, third- party fulfillment or a custom-tailored program, the logistics experts at Newegg have the ability to design a solution that is the perfect fit.

Customer Service

For several years running, Newegg has been an award-winning customer service provider for customers of,, and, balancing efficiency with a human touch that nurtures a loyal customer base. Now, brands and resellers of all sizes can rely on that same award-winning service to supply customer service support for off-Newegg roles, from contact centers via email, phone, chat, and even on-site staffing.


Being an innovator in the tech space for almost two decades, Newegg has a team of home-grown experts in the IT development space that can custom create solutions for partners of any size, with any scope. From front-end interface elements to back-end tools, Newegg IT developers are willing and able to tackle any issue.



Read up on the latest information for Newegg Marketplace sellers and important industry commentary.


Revisit webinars to learn about Newegg benefits, and tips for maximizing marketplace sales.


Take a deep-dive into the industry trends and services impacting Newegg sellers and vendors.

Case Studies

Find out how other brands and resellers have benefited from partnering with Newegg.

Marketplace Platform and Vendor Services FAQ

What exactly is a Marketplace?

An online marketplace is an e-commerce platform that allows brands and resellers to host their products, which offers a wide variety of categories, prices, and purchasing options for consumers. Marketplace platforms, like Newegg Marketplace, offer customers a great experience to compare product specs from different items while also price comparing between sellers. Sellers on Newegg Marketplace control their own pricing, inventory, and product assortment at their own discretion, and handle the order processing and shipping to customers, although Newegg does offer additional logistics solutions, such as the hallmark Shipped by Newegg, and customer service options.

Do I have a strategy in place for offering competitive prices?

It works best when marketplace sellers have a channel strategy in place when it comes to their pricing. For example, having exclusive SKUs to Newegg Marketplace, or even just alternating the promotional pricing schedule between the different e-commerce channels used are good ways to ensure that competitive pricing works to capture the most customer attention possible. Especially when it comes to marketing promotional vehicles, there are definitely strategies in place that help to drive much more customer engagement and sales depending on the channel used (email, dynamic marketing, on-site campaign, etc). The Newegg category management team works hand-in-hand with our sellers to devise the best strategy for selling and leveraging our tools to grow on our platform. Contact us for more details.

How can I streamline the SKU onboarding process?

For those sellers and brands who have only a handful of SKUs, the onboarding process for Newegg Marketplace is simple and straightforward. All it takes is following these step-by-step instructions, and for any problems that arise reach out to our support team. For those with a large product catalog, we recommend one of our integration partners who can handle any of our seller needs, from item creation to inventory management, to order processing, and fulfillment.

What's the best strategy in place for offering competitive prices?

The best strategy for offering competitive pricing can be crafted alongside our helpful merchandising team. They can work to define the most optimal pricing tactics that make sense for your brand or e-commerce position, while leveraging the many Newegg marketing vehicles to gain massive exposure for your products. These marketing opportunities include targeted emails, dynamic marketing, on-site seasonal & event campaigns, as well as other innovative marketing channels like our livestream sales show, NeweggNow,  broadcast from our very own in-house Newegg Studios. For more information contact us here.

Have I identified the right products to sell on Newegg's marketplace?

Newegg Marketplace is the world’s #1 tech-centric marketplace, so naturally anything in the technology space is going to be a great fit; Computer Hardware, Consumer Electronics, Software, Smart Home devices, and Home Living Tech are natural choices. However, in recent years there has been a strongly growing trend for other products in categories like Outdoors & Garden, Sports, Health & Beauty, among others. To see the inside scoop on some of the most recent trends, read our 2019 online marketplace recap here.

Marketplace Sellers

Newegg Marketplace sellers are our D2C partners that run their own business on our marketplace platform – controlling their own pricing, order processing, and managing customer expectations while leveraging Newegg services to facilitate smooth operations, brand growth, and increased sales.

Top-Tier Vendors

Newegg partners with top-tier vendors in Computer Hardware, Consumer Electronics, and Software to power the first-party growth of brands through Newegg purchasing, while allowing for hand-in-hand collaboration leveraging a multitude of service options. Become a Newegg vendor partner today.