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What Are Sponsored Product Ads?

Newegg’s Sponsored Ads are tools designed to help brands and sellers maximize their product visibility and maximize efficient advertising spending. Sponsored Ads target specific items, categories, or brands and display them on and off Newegg’s sites. In addition, Sponsored Product Ads use keyword targeting, prominently promoting listings on search results pages.

Newegg’s Sponsored Ad products typically work on a cost-per-click model, charging advertisers only when customers click on an ad. Combined with a detailed analytics dashboard to make constant campaign optimizations, Sponsored Ads give total control over your ad spend.

Newegg Sponsored Product Ads gives brands and retailers the ability to control their visibility to customers in search results, driving sales and detailed analytics to show strong ROI.

Benefits of Sponsored Product Ads

Newegg Sponsored Product Ads give brands an advantage over standard listings. Sellers leverage key real estate on Newegg and offsite search engine results pages to enhance product placement and branding strategy. Guide customers to your products to turn impressions into conversions and generate sales!

Performance-Driven Marketing

Increased Brand Revenue

Increased Brand Exposure

Controlled Ad Spend

Detailed Analytics

Access detailed analytics on your Sponsored Ads campaigns, giving insightful metrics on performance. Monitor your campaign spend, sales, cost of sales (COS), impressions, clicks, click-through rate (CTR), orders, cost-per-click (CPC), and conversion rate (CR) to have instant data at your fingertips on the performance of your campaigns. Dive into the detail at a campaign, ad group, or product level.

Sponsored Product Ads on Newegg deliver detailed analytics for ad spend, revenue, cost-per-click (CPC), conversion rate (CR), click-through-rate (CTR), impressions, and more to make data-driven decisions.
Keyword Targeting on Newegg Sponsored Product Ads allows sellers and brands to set up campaigns for their products, driving traffic for search queries most-related to the products themselves.

Keyword Targeting

Design your campaigns around keywords that make the most sense for your products to drive impressions, clicks, and sales from interested customers. Targeting the customer’s purchase intent allows your products to populate for relevant search terms connected to your product and the use case. In addition, since you can create individual ad groups around specific keywords, you can see which keywords are driving results and which products have the most engagement and sales.

Control Your Costs

With a cost-per-click model, you will only be charged for your Sponsored Ads if customers click on your product. That means you are paying for the most relevant traffic to your product pages, and with open budget control, you can always add to, or halt, a campaign. The market competition dictates the cost-per-click (CPC) price and with the ability to bid as much as you want, you are in total control of how much money you spend and how much visibility you can gain.

Newegg Sponsored Product Ads give sellers and brand full control of their ad spend- you set your budget and can edit at any time. Pay only for the clicks your products receive on a CPC-basis.

Sponsored Product Types

Newegg offers multiple Sponsored Product options, from Sponsored Headline Ads to Sponsored Display Ads and more. Read on to learn which ad product would most benefit your business.

Sponsored Headline Ads

Leverage prime real estate on Newegg search engine results pages (SERP) to enhance product placement and branding strategy with this product type. Sponsored Headline Ads provide space at the top of SERPs that display three chosen products, a brand logo, and a custom tagline to shoppers. Choose a variety of targeting methods to drive brand exposure.

Sponsored Headline Ads

Sponsored Video Ads

Give your ads an edge with crisp streaming video! Sponsored Video Ads capture customer attention and push your products ahead of the competition. These cost-per-click products place a product and 10-60 second video directly on the Newegg search engine results page. Video better informs customers about your products before they even hit the product page! Drive conversion and brand awareness with these powerful advertising tools.

Sponsored Video Ads

Sponsored Display Ads

Reach customers not just on Newegg but off-site as well with Sponsored Display Ads. This targeting model lets sellers select specific items, categories, or brands where they want their ads to show. These campaigns populate not just on Newegg but also on 3rd party websites using Google APIs. Truly expand your business’s reach by converting customers who aren’t even searching Newegg!

Sponsored Display Ads

Sponsored Product Ads

Utilize the power of keyword-targeting to showcase your products on Newegg SERPs prominently. Sponsored Product Ads enable sellers to maximize their product visibility and optimize their advertising spend. Tailor ad campaigns using the included analytics dashboard to monitor and improve your campaign on the fly.

Sponsored Product Ads

Sponsored Live Shopping

Infuse your campaigns with live marketing streams conducted by Newegg’s stable of talented content creators. Utilizing Newegg’s state-of-the-art studio space, Sponsored Live Shopping provides original streaming content featuring your products. Leverage the brand power of popular content creators and sell to their accumulated, built-in audiences. Grow your brand and sales while providing relevant demographic-targeted marketing.

How to Set Up Sponsored Product Ads



The basic setup of your ads. You choose the keywords for which you wish your ad to be triggered and related item listings.

Ad Group:

An Ad group is a group of campaigns sharing the same set of keywords and products.

Total Budget:

An estimated amount of money you will spend for a campaign in a specific period.


Your product listings that you want to promote in the same campaign.

Keyword Targeting:

You can specify keywords (word combinations and phrases) to match your ads with search terms, and customers, using them to find products.


What are Sponsored Product Ads?

Sponsored Product Ads are promoted placements of products in the Newegg search engine results pages (SERPs), and the tool is designed to help sellers and brands maximize their product visibility and run an efficient advertising campaign. Sponsored Product Ads results appear elevated in the search results page, ensuring that more customers see these products than by organic ranking alone.

Where will my Sponsored Product Ads appear?

Sponsored Product Ads results appear in elevated placements within the search results page, ensuring that more customers see these products than by organic ranking alone. Result positions 1, 6, 9, 12, 14, 17, 19, 20 and multiple positions on subsequent pages support ad placements and are based on bid level along with the number of advertisers in the result set. Additionally, SPAs also appear on mobile as well as desktop search results. Mobile search result positions includes 1, 4, 8, 9, 13, 14, 18, 19, 23, 24, and 28.

How much do Sponsored Products Ads cost?

Through a keyword bidding system, each keyword has an associated cost-per-click (CPC), where the advertiser is charged when a customer clicks on a product using that keyword. The cost is determined by several market factors.  Both the keyword popularity (search volume) and bidding competitiveness (volume of advertisers bidding on it) influence the market value of a click. The bid you set up in the system is your maximum and the cost will vary based on the number of advertisers and their maximum bid levels when a click through on a sponsored product occurs. You have full control of setting the cost of campaigns to achieve objectives through ad matching types.

How can I manage my campaigns?

The Sponsored Product Ad tool gives sellers the flexibility to either be more hands-off or have more direct control or a little bit of both. Once sellers determine what their goals are they can determine how much control they want to have over their campaign. Sellers looking for a more hands off approach can utilize our automatic matching function. They simply inform our system what bidding thresholds and options they would like in addition to the type of audience reach they want. Sellers looking for more direct control over keyword selection, matching type, and bid budgets, can fully customize their campaign and make adjustments while the campaign is live.  

How do I track my campaigns' performance?

Once the campaign begins, it will start gathering insightful metrics such as spend, sales, cost of sales, impressions, click-through rate, orders, cost-per-click, and conversion rates. You can break down the data to its ad group level and product level. All this data is accessible in Seller Portal giving sellers the ability to make the necessary adjustments while the campaign is live. We advise sellers to run a campaign for at least one week to accrue enough data to make decisions about the performance. After this, sellers should be able to make adjustments to optimize performance, and then let the campaigns run. You want to give your campaigns time to develop and hit their stride.

How can I participate?

Presently, Newegg is only making its Sponsored Product Ads available to sellers who have a history of positive reviews and who meet our high standard of customer service. If you do not see SPA available within the Seller Portal under Advertising on Newegg, and you feel you meet the criteria, please contact us. We love helping our sellers grow on Marketplace!