How Will Increasing Fulfillment Fees Impact Your Business This Year?

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As more marketplace sellers become dependent on fulfillment services to provide easy and seamless shopping experiences for their customers, the impact of ever-increasing storage, shipping, and other fulfillment fees is creating ripple effects across on the e-commerce industry. Though these changes to fulfillment fees reflect the growing industry trends for “free” and faster deliveries, we wanted to compile these changes that sellers can expect in 2019 and hopefully aid them in their business planning. Before addressing these updates, know that sellers who utilize Newegg fulfillment services can rest assured that their costs will remain consistent, be reliably lower than the competition, and stay focused on the best interests of our sellers.  Read More

Holiday Fulfillment: Your Guide to Happy Customers

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In past blogs, we detailed the best ways to prime and promote your products to take advantage of this incredibly busy holiday season. This chapter is about taking a wider view of one of the quickest profit drains of the season: Shipping and Returns. We will detail the latest industry trends and the fulfillment tools available for Newegg sellers to proactively address rising customer expectations, 3PL fees, and high RMAs. Read More

4 Principles for Creating Unique Product Listings

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Boosting your Marketplace Listings in Search Engine Rankings

If you’re a marketplace seller you may think your product listings’ rank on search engines like Google and Bing is beyond your control. In reality, most marketplace sellers can impact one of the most important search ranking factors: product content. Highlighting the importance of on-page content, Google’s own guide to search engine optimization (SEO) states, “Creating compelling and useful content will likely influence your website more than any of the other factors discussed…”. Creating “compelling and useful content” starts with creating unique content that searchers can’t find elsewhere. By crafting original product descriptions, marketplace sellers can separate their product listings from the throng of other pages and websites on the internet. Here are 4 guidelines for developing unique product content for your marketplace listings:

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