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Newegg brings together thousands of businesses through an international platform to meet the buying needs of millions of consumers worldwide. We provide an industry-leading e-commerce selling platform, comprehensive online marketing and advertising, and high performance back-end systems to help brands and retailers successfully enter 20 countries in the Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Middle East. Newegg provides a shortcut for international sellers by providing cross-border order fulfillment services, product merchandising, customer service, and other value-added solutions – all designed to make your entry to market fast, easy, and profitable.

Why is this a shortcut into the market for international sellers?

We’re proud to have a successful track record and proven experience in global e-commerce. We’ve designed our programs for international sellers to help companies of all sizes succeed in the global market.

Newegg Inc. is one of the leading tech-focused e-retailer in the United States. It owns and operates which was founded in 2001 and regularly earns industry-leading customer service ratings. The award-winning website has more than 40 million registered users and offers customers a comprehensive selection of the latest products, detailed product descriptions and images, as well as how-to information and customer reviews. Using the site’s online tech community, customers have the opportunity to interact with other Newegg enthusiasts. Newegg Inc. is headquartered in City of Industry, California.

#1 global marketplace for everything tech
40+ million registered customers
30+ million monthly visitors
130+ million page views per month
3+ million social media fans
16+ million email subscribers

We sincerely invite you to become a business partner.

If you have exciting and innovative products of high quality, and are confident in the competitiveness of these products, you are likely to be successful in the North American e-commerce market and beyond. Newegg has excellent support teams and a state-of-the-art e-commerce platform that processes over tens of thousands of orders per day. We provide the support and the most favorable terms to help you succeed in the North American e-tail market and beyond.

Seller requirements

Fast Shipping

International companies can choose to store their products in Newegg’s many warehouses via our Shipped by Newegg program. With Shipped by Newegg, we take care of all your logistics needs. Please ask your Account Manager for more details.

Companies may also ship products directly to the consumer but must meet Newegg service standards including shipping within 48 hours and providing full-refunds or exchanges for customer service inquiries.

Customer Satisfaction

Newegg’s award-winning customer support team provides what is widely viewed as the best customer service in the e-commerce industry. All new goods sold are subject to a 30-day satisfaction guarantee which as the manufacturer, you agree to support.

Have These Ready Before Enrolling

To apply as a Newegg International seller, you will need to provide the following attachments with your attachment:

  • Legitimate business license, background information related to the company, if necessary, be signed and agreed to provide company’s financial statements to Newegg when requested.
  • Product proof of insurance and liability insurance company information.
  • W8 Form (This form is based by the U.S. banking regulations, all international companies are required to fill in this form before they can receive money in the U.S.).
  • The Beneficiary Name must match the name registered with the company.
  • Read and agree to Newegg Marketplace commercial terms.

Benefits as a Newegg International Seller

By joining Newegg and becoming a partner, you immediately gain the following advantages:

  • Precise targeting to over 40 million customers.
  • Multiple value-added marketing opportunities.
  • No slotting fees, monthly fees, online credit card transaction fees and other basic costs of sales.
  • An exclusive discount commission fee of only 12% per transaction.
  • Shipped by Newegg value-added logistics solutions ensure your goods arrive quickly to consumers.
  • Customer service support that manages all customer service inquiries.
  • Sales proceeds, net of commissions, are quickly sent to your company via PayPal, a verified bank account, or through one of our partnered payment service providers.
Full Service Program Fees
Low commission per transaction 12%*
Credit Card fraud protection services 0
Credit card transaction fees included 0
Monthly management fees 0
Product listing fees 0
Dedicated account management fee 0
Newegg logistics services (Shipped by Newegg) Low fees
Product Page Enhancements FREE

*International seller commission rate for sales in the US. For international sellers selling globally, click here. For US sellers selling domestically, please see rates here.
*For sellers looking to sell into China, please reach out to your category manager or fill out our contact form as rates will differ.

Becoming a Newegg International Seller is a great business opportunity you don’t want to miss. Apply now to join Newegg and start selling today.

Get started! Apply and grow your business today.Apply Now

International Seller FAQ


What Products can I sell on Newegg?

Currently, we have over 35 industries and over 790 categories available for you to register and sell your products in. From watches, jewelry, appliances, household merchandise, baby products, suitcases, bags, services, accessories, cosmetics and beauty products, shoes, toys, sporting goods, outdoor garden accessories, and health products — virtually anything and everything can be sold at Newegg Marketplace.

Some restrictions do apply such as alcohol, tobacco, and firearms. If you have a question about your particular product, please contact us.

Will there be promotional opportunities for Marketplace Sellers?

Yes. A Newegg marketing or category manager will gladly work with you plan seasonal promotions, while providing various marketing tools and promotional activities to place your products in front of millions of consumers.

How can I monitor and manage my products' pricing and inventory?

With the Newegg vendor management platform (Seller Portal), companies can utilize its powerful functionality and ease of operation for back-office systems for pricing, shipping management, and inventory management. Manufacturers can also manually change pricing, make changes in inventory quantity, etc. The system can also be used to FTP transfer CSV, Tab Delimited, Excel, XML and other formats of electronic information, for regular updating or product details, quantity and pricing.

How can I publish products on Newegg Marketplace?

Once you complete the registration, Newegg will open an FTP transfer account for your company. You can use CSV, Tab Delimited, Excel, XML and other formats of electronic information to upload data files. All information must comply with the provisions of the Newegg seller agreement, pictures and merchandise must have a copy of copyright authorization, and all content must be in English language.

For those companies needing assistance with marketing and merchandising, Newegg offers customized services at affordable rates such as product photography and video, content creation, consumer testing, and packaging design. Please contact Newegg for more information.

Feedback and Performance

What is the Seller Feedback Rating?

The Newegg Marketplace third-party seller rating system is 1 to 5 eggs, with 5 eggs being the best. After a customer has ordered from a third party seller, the customer has 60 days to leave comments, feedback, and ratings to inform other customers about their experience. We consider 4 to 5 egg ratings as positive experiences, 3 is neutral, and 1 to 2 eggs are negative experiences. A third-party seller’s average rating will appear alongside their name on Newegg site. See our completed seller review Posting Policy.

Can I respond to negative feedback for an order?

Most sellers will receive some negative feedback at one time or another. If you have large number of negative feedback, you may want to review your business practices and adjust to the demands of your customers. When you receive a negative feedback, there are several ways you can respond:

  • Learn from it: Each negative feedback remark is a great opportunity to learn about and improve your operational practices. When you are signed in your seller account on Seller Portal, you can see the customer’s name and the associated order numbers. Review the order which received the negative feedback, fix any underlying problems in your operation, and move on.
  • Ask the buyer to remove the feedback: If you want to respond to negative feedback, the best option is to work with the customer to improve the situation that led to the negative feedback. Then, ask the customer to remove the feedback. To do this, contact the customer with concern over the problem, and remedy it if possible. If you develop a positive relationship, ask the customer to remove the feedback. When contacting a customer, always keep in mind that pressuring a customer is unacceptable and a violation of our policies.
  • How to remove seller feedback
    Log in to -> Go to “Order History” and find the order with feedback you would like to remove -> click the submitted feedback link (eggs) -> Click “Delete” button on the right.
  • Leave a response to the feedback: If you cannot work with the customer to remove the feedback, leave a professional and positive comment in response to the feedback, and move on. Always keep in mind that inappropriate response is unacceptable and a violation of our policies.
  • How to leave a response to the feedback
    Log in to Newegg Seller Portal -> Click “Customer Rating Report” under “Business Report” -> Select the feedback you would like to respond, click “Respond” button to reply. If the buyer eventually decides to remove the feedback they left, your response will automatically be removed.

How will my seller feedback rating impact my seller performance?

We focus on both seller’s average feedback rating as well as the number of orders which have negative feedback ratings as a percentage of total order count as an indicator of seller performance. Seller should maintain overall average seller feedback rating at above 3 egg level.

How does Newegg measure seller’s performance?

Newegg places customer experience as of highest importance. We have established acceptable standards on customer experience related performance metrics so millions of Newegg value customers can shop with a sense of safety and security from our third party seller community. We at Newegg are constantly searching for new ways to improve our customer experience and we are updating the standard and target on our third party seller’s performance metrics from time to time accordingly. To find out the most updated standards on seller performance metrics, click here. Here are some tips for the best practice:

  • All orders must be shipped within 3 business days of receiving order from Newegg. To ensure optimum customer experience, having orders shipped out within 1 – 2 business day(s) with order tracking numbers updated would be highly recommended. Orders will be voided automatically if not being fulfilled within 3 business days and such voids will contribute to seller’s order per-fulfillment void ratio.
  • All sellers must maintain sales order pre-fulfillment void ratio not exceeding 2.5%. Pre-Fulfillment void ratio is the number of orders voided by a seller prior to ship confirms divided by the number of total orders the seller received from Newegg.
  • Maintain positive overall customer feedback ratings. 4 to 5 egg rating considered as positive rating, 3 egg rating considered as neutral, and the ratings with less than 3 eggs considered as negative.
  • Orders with negative customer feedback ratings OR orders with refund RMA OR both are considered as orders without meeting customer’s expectation. Those orders are defined as defect orders. All sellers must maintain the overall ratio of defect orders among all the orders sellers fulfilled during the time period not exceeding 3%.
  • All customer emails must be responded to within 1 business day of receipt. Slow responding to customer emails on any order issues likely causes customer to leave negative feedback and ratings.


How and when do I get paid?

All sellers are remitted with their Marketplace sales, net commission and other related service fees, on Wednesday of each week in which fifteen (15) calendar days have elapsed since the day on which Newegg Marketplace received shipping confirmation on the sales. Payments are issued to sellers who have accumulated $100 or more in sales. Payment will be held until sales reach this threshold. Funds are deposited directly into your specified account once a week according to your elected payment option.

Newegg Marketplace provides great flexibility when it comes to paying our global sellers. Payment options can be conveniently specified during seller registration or updated in Newegg Seller Portal.

Available payment options are:

  • Bank-to-Bank Wire Transfer:Seller needs to have a local bank account from the country their business is registered in order to receive Bank Wire Transfer in United States Dollars (USD) from Newegg Marketplace. Seller will be required to input following information accurately in seller account when electing Bank Wire Transfer as their primary payment option on Newegg Seller Portal:
    • The full name and address of the local bank (international bank) seller is using to receive wire transfer funds from Newegg Marketplace
    • The beneficiary name of the international bank account with which the wire transfer funds are sent to. Important: the beneficiary name of the international bank account MUST match the business name in seller profile with Newegg Marketplace. In other words, Newegg Marketplace only sends funds to the international bank account owned by the seller.
    • The accurate SWIFT/BIC code and international bank account number with which the wire transfer funds are sent to. Numbers MUST be input on corresponding fields through Newegg Seller Portal correctly (NO dash or space between the numbers).

    Important Note: The beneficiary name/company information of your international bank account must match with information from the business license seller uploads to Newegg Marketplace (i.e., certificate of incorporation, tax certificate, etc.) (Why do we do this?)

    For Paypal Users: When choosing bank wire transfer as your primary payment method, you may elect to enable Paypal as a supplement payment option to receive up to USD $10,000 of Newegg settlement to your account for each pay period. Any remaining balance over USD $10,000 on the settlement for the pay period will be paid via bank wire transfer to your bank account.

  • Third-party International Money Transfer Service Provider:
    • Payoneer
      Payoneer is a cross-border payment platform that provides online money transfer and currency conversion services for online sellers. It’s easy to sign up and receive your Newegg payments into your Payoneer account, where they can be easily withdrawn directly to your home bank account in your local currency. [Learn More]
    • World First
      World First is a leading foreign exchange company specializing in solutions for online marketplace sellers. They can provide you with access to a U.S. bank account, through which you can receive revenue payments from Newegg. You can then arrange for your funds to be transferred to your home bank account at a time of your choosing and in your local currency. World First offers competitive exchange rates to help ensure you keep more of your money when it’s sent home. [Learn More]

I have registered for a new Payoneer account or have inputted my existing Payoneer account as primary payment option but still cannot receive payment from my Newegg orders, what is the reason?

Possible reasons why you cannot receive payment to your Payoneer account may be one of the following:

  1. You don’t have a valid Payoneer account or your Payoneer account is not active.
  2. Newegg is not added as one of the funding sources in your Payoneer account.
  3. Your Payoneer account type is an individual account.
  4. Your Payoneer account information does not match your Newegg Marketplace seller account information.

For above #1, 2 or 3, please login to your Payoneer account and verify your account details, or contact Payoneer for support. For #4, go here.

I have registered for a new World First account or have inputted my existing World First account as primary payment option but still cannot receive payment from my Newegg orders, what is the reason?

Possible reasons why you cannot receive payment to your World First account may be one of the following:

  1. You don’t have a valid World First account or your World First account is not active.
  2. The World First client reference number and/or USD bank account number you’ve entered into your Newegg seller account is incorrect.
  3. Your World First account information does not match your Newegg Marketplace seller account information.

For above #1, please login to your World First account and verify your account details, or contact World First for support. For #2, please login to your Newegg Seller Portal and verify both your World First client reference number and USD bank account number match information in your World First welcome email. For #3, see here.

What is the World First client reference number?

The World First client reference number is a unique number assigned to all new clients who register with World First. Note: Your World First client reference number can be found by logging in to your World First account and selecting ‘My profile’ under the ‘Details’ section.

How does Newegg verify payment is being sent to the right bank account?

Newegg takes seller payment and seller identity very seriously; it is our top priority to ensure payment is remitted to the correct seller bank account in a timely fashion. In order to do this, we have established strict internal verification processes to ensure the bank account information of the payment option matches the seller’s information.

For wire transfer, the beneficiary name and company information of your international bank account must match with information provided in the business information section in your Newegg seller account. This information must be identical to information on your business license (i.e., certificate of incorporation, tax certificate, etc.) and other legal documentation required by Newegg at time of registration.

For third-party international money transfer service provider such as Payoneer or World First, Newegg verifies your Newegg seller account information against your information registered with those service providers to ensure an identity match. Please ensure account holder information (business entity name and address) is identical on both sides. Any discrepancies in information will prevent Newegg’s ability to approve and send payment to your account with those service providers.

Any questions about payment, please contact Newegg.


My seller account status is 'inactive', how do I activate it?

Your seller account may be inactive because it was recently created. For quality assurance, we ask sellers to begin the process by uploading product in the Seller Portal. Once a few products have been uploaded, we will review your listings and correct any potential mishaps in the process. This quality assurance procedure has effectively helped many sellers start off on the right foot, and has helped to produce more sales. Once you have created your items, they will appear as disabled until your seller account has been activated. Our Account Manager will verify your items and then activate your account so that you can begin selling in our Marketplace platform.

If you have any questions, you may contact our support team at

What is the difference between a courtesy refund and an RMA refund?

  • Courtesy refund is used when you want to issue a partial refund to the customer as a courtesy from your company, without requiring the customer to return the product.
  • RMA refund is used when you require our customer to return the merchandise back to you. Because of the complexity and long lead time in return shipping to a location that is outside of the US for our customers, we require global seller to utilize Newegg Return Service, provide customer with a return location in US, or make exception to allow customers to receive refund on approved RMAs without having to ship the merchandise back to seller or shipper. Information on Newegg Return Service can be found here.

Please Note: Courtesy Refund does not refund commission back to you because it is a courtesy from your company and it does not refund sales tax (if applicable) back to the customer. So we encourage our sellers to use RMA Refund whenever possible.

Can I get Fraud Protection?

Yes. Newegg has a strong and dedicated fraud prevention department. Our team of professionals, using state-of-the-art fraud prevention tools, manages millions of transactions a year. Newegg will be responsible for protection of every transaction and seek to obtain reasonable legal protection when required.

How can l ship my orders to US customers directly?

  1. You can take advantage of International Express mail service, within 48 hours after receipt of the order, and send this way to ensure consumers receive your product in 5-7 working days. Once you send the package, please remember to upload the parcel waybill numbers to the Newegg system within 24 hours to ensure you receive proper credit for the order

  2. You can ship directly to Newegg U.S. logistics center through our third party logistics service. Newegg’s SBN (Shipped By Newegg) service enables your products to be stored at our warehouses and quickly shipped to consumers. In most cases, they will receive your product within 3 days of ordering.

What is SBN (Shipped-By-Newegg)?

  • SBN is Newegg’s logistics service which provides warehousing and transportation logistics services at industry leading best prices.

  • Products are sent to Newegg’s warehouse. After shipped to a customer, Newegg only charges for each parcel sent according to the weight charge and order processing service fee.

  • If products need to be shipped via Free Shipping, such as for a promotion to consumers, SBN will charge a processing fee (Free Shipping Enabler) on top of normal weight charges.

  • If you are already selling in the United States through other sales channels, you can also use Shipped By Newegg logistics services to warehouse and ship the orders you send to consumers. The SBN logistics services send your customer’s orders out within 24 hours of completion of the order.

  • SBN gives you access to a vendor management platform (Seller Portal) for inventory management.

  • First From Asia sellers can enjoy a special six-month free storage program (no storage fee for first six month).

For additional information, please contact the Newegg International Seller team: