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What are Sponsored Display Ads?

Sponsored Display Ads (SDA) allow sellers to grow their campaigns and advertise products on and off Newegg. Under this new targeting model, sellers for Sponsored Display campaigns can select specific items, categories, or brands where they want their ads to show. In addition, SDA campaigns allow sellers to expand their campaigns and drive conversions with ads on Newegg and 3rd party websites using Google APIs.

Most importantly, SDA campaigns appear on Newegg sites and globally across other platforms, significantly expanding a campaign’s reach. In addition, SDAs support a Product Targeting model instead of Keyword targeting like other Sponsored Product options, allowing sellers to optimize the scope of their campaign to capture impressions and drive conversions across the internet.

On-Site and Off-Site Advertisements

On-site ads feature prominent placement on Newegg product detail pages. In addition, these ads can target specific products.
Off-site ads use Google APIs to place ads on targeted Google search results pages, boosting ad campaigns by taking them off Newegg to capture sales from across the internet.