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Located in our California headquarters, the 5,000 square-foot Newegg Studios facility houses our video production crew who use state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to create innovative and evocative digital content. Our team uses informative commentary with hands-on demonstrations to tell the story of your products and brand, developing original content that serves to educate and inspire viewers.

In-house Video Production


Newegg videos are premium overview productions that share in-depth features of your products with our customers. Each video highlights the selling points of your products with detailed, close-up shots and product demonstrations. 

Videos get views, but it takes great content and strategy to get sales. Featuring high quality product videography, action/use, and hands-on shots, Newegg Studios Video are shot and edited according to your brand’s audience and marketing content strategy. Whether you utilize our in-house voiceover or our on-screen talent, we have the know-how and authority to sell your product or brand story.

480K+ Subscribers

122M+ Views

6.7M Hours Watched

2.6M+ Clickthroughs

We like how Newegg studios has a firm grasp on the technical aspects of PC hardware. The entire process is very streamlined, from the initial video request--scheduling--filming--to final review.


Newegg Editorial


The veteran editorial teams at Newegg create custom content for brands with a focus on delivering customers the true hands-on experience with the latest tech. Our teams seek out the best products from tried-and-true verticals as well as emerging tech from new industries to deliver insightful, educational commentary that builds long-term value for brands.

Editorials provide your customers with a full rundown of your product features. Choose from professionally written product overviews, buying guides, or how-to articles – all with SEO and longevity in mind. These articles are designed from the ground up to make a huge splash for your brand both on Newegg sites and organically on the Web.

780K+ Unique Readers

126% Increase in YoY Traffic

100K+ Visitors per Month

Capture Featured Snippets on Google

Our partnership has greatly helped our promotions, sales, and brand in the US market.


Newegg Photography

Professional imagery signals to customers that your brand is an authority within its space and has the quality to stand out. Make your products speak for themselves with professionally shot and edited product photos. Available for individual use and/or within a top-ranking Newegg article, these photos are tailored to appeal to your desired audience. Use these bespoke photos to make your product listings pop, improve your branding on social media, or however you see fit to maximize consumer impact.

46% of marketers consider photography a critical part of their storytelling strategies. The most commonly used content mediums for marketers are:

96% social media

76% pre-produced videos

67% illustrations and photos