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How can Google Shopping and Text Ads help sellers?


If you have an e-commerce site, sell on a marketplace like Newegg, or just want to drive more sales, then investing resources into Google Shopping and/ or Text Ads is a must. One is more targeted while the other is broad. Together, they have the capability of driving massive amounts of traffic to your storefront and increasing sales.

Why leverage Newegg for your Google marketing campaigns?


It is estimated that approximately 70,000 search queries per second begin on Google. With our vastly experienced team of SEM experts, we implement a comprehensive strategy for you ensuring you are securing the above the fold placements while achieving your return-on-ad spend (ROAS) goals.


Control Over Your Budget

No Service Fees

Detailed Analytics for Campaign Optimizations

Customizable Strategies Managed by Us

Our run rate business has grown significantly since starting the campaign, and we feel Newegg Google Shopping Service is a big driver.


Manage your funds with detailed analytics


There are no additional fees or commissions. Participating partners see 100% of every dollar they invest go to their campaigns. Access real-time analytics such as Impressions, CTR%, Clicks, Cost, Revenue, Orders, and CR%. Our team will work with you to optimize your performance. Your success is Newegg’s success.

Newegg monitor search engine image

Delivering value from beginning to end


Newegg Google Shopping Service affords sellers Newegg’s authority and credibility and can get your products far more targeted impressions, improving your visibility. Newegg experts monitor your campaign in real time and implement strategic adjustments to both desktop and mobile listings to maximize your CPC and get the highest conversion value. By driving traffic straight to your Newegg listings and storefronts, you also enhance organic search to your products on the Newegg site as well as Google SERPs.