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What Are Sponsored Headline Ads?

Newegg’s Sponsored Headline Ads (SHA) is a tool designed to help brands and sellers enhance their product visibility and drive conversion. It is a keyword-targeting ad platform that allows sellers to promote their products and brand at the very top of the page in search results pages of the site, capitalizing on critical real estate. Advertisements can be customized with the seller or brand’s logo, a tagline, and link back to either a seller store or search string for a particular product assortment. Additionally, each ad can feature three products, presenting a robust branding opportunity.

This advertising model charges advertisers when targeted customers view an ad on a cost-per-click (CPC) basis, with detailed analytics dashboards to make constant optimizations for best results. For brands and resellers looking to take control of their advertising and sales, Sponsored Headline Ads offer the flexibility, exposure, and data to maximize ad spend and bring home sales.

Benefits of Sponsored Headline Ads

Newegg Sponsored Headline Ads use keyword targeting to match a customer’s search with the relevant ad. The goal is to drive maximum exposure for high-intent searches to enhance overall branding and conversion, with core metrics for making informed business decisions.

Increased Exposure

Performance-Driven Marketing

Measurable Success

Control Your Spend

Detailed Analytics

Access detailed analytics on your Sponsored Headline Ads campaigns, giving insightful metrics on search performance. Monitor your campaign spend, sales, cost of sales (COS), impressions, clicks, click-through rate (CTR), orders, cost-per-click (CPC), conversion rate (CR) to have instant data at your fingertips on the performance of your campaigns. Dive into the detail at a campaign level, ad group level, or even down to the very product level, giving your brand the extra exposure you need to convert customers & build brand awareness.

Sponsored Product Ads on Newegg deliver detailed analytics for ad spend, revenue, cost-per-click (CPC), conversion rate (CR), click-through-rate (CTR), impressions, and more to make data-driven decisions.
Keyword Targeting on Newegg Sponsored Product Ads allows sellers and brands to set up campaigns for their products, driving traffic for search queries most-related to the products themselves.

Keyword Targeting

Add the keywords that make the most sense for your products, to drive impressions, clicks, and sales from interested customers. Targeting the customer’s purchase intent allows your products to be seen for the relevant search terms to your product, and the use case. Since you can create individual ad groups around specific keywords, you can see which keywords are driving results, and which products have the most engagement and sales.

Control Your Costs

With a cost-per-click model, you will only be charged your bid price for high-exposure, but you do not need to pay for a click to the products. This means that you receive premium placement on the search results pages above the rest of the products on the page, with three chances to wow customers and earn a click — and with an open budget control you can always add more funds or halt the campaign based on performance. The cost-per-click (CPC) price is dictated by the market competition, and with the ability to bid as much as you want you are in total control of how much money you spend, and how much visibility you can gain.

Newegg Sponsored Product Ads give sellers and brand full control of their ad spend- you set your budget and can edit at any time. Pay only for the clicks your products receive on a CPC-basis.

Enhanced Branding

Presenting a multi-product ad to your customers along with your logo allows you to make your mark on shoppers and imprint the value of your brand on a specific campaign-by-campaign basis. Whether you want to cast a wide net and showcase the breadth of your assortment across related categories, or go narrow and display variations of a singular product, the choice is yours! Choose your own tagline to stand out from the crowd and target your campaigns for increased growth.

How to Set Up Sponsored Headline Ads


Create a Campaign Name

Organize your campaigns, and keep track of your data

Add a Start & End Date

Customize your campaigns for specific durations, or let them run indefinitely

Set Your Budget

Cap your total budget so you never run over, with the ability to edit this at any time

Craft Your Headline

Show customers the strength of your brand and connect with your showcase products.

Add Your Products

Add 3-50 products to your ad so it is never stale! Choose your ad strategy and test several approaches.

Start Selling!

See your products increase in visibility, with analytics to back up data-driven decisions


What are Sponsored Headline Ads?

Sponsored Headline Ads are promoted ads of products (up to three at one time) along with your logo and tagline in the Newegg search engine results pages (SERPs), and the tool is designed to help sellers and brands maximize their product visibility and run an efficient advertising campaign. Sponsored Headline Ads results appear above all other product results in the search results page, ensuring that more customers see these products than by organic ranking alone.

Where will my Sponsored Headline Ads appear?

Sponsored Headline Ads are in the optimal placement of search results! They appear at the very top of the results, above the rest of the products in the grid. This gives your ad the customers’ first impression of the results, and a great opportunity to stand apart from the rest.

How much do Sponsored Headline Ads cost?

Through a keyword bidding system, each keyword has an associated cost-per-click (CPC), where the advertiser is charged when a thousand customers view your ad using that keyword. The cost is determined by several market factors.  Both the keyword popularity (search volume) and bidding competitiveness (volume of advertisers bidding on it) influence the market value of the impressions. The bid you set up in the system is your maximum and the cost will vary based on the number of advertisers and their maximum bid levels when a click through on a sponsored headline occurs. You have full control of setting the cost of campaigns to achieve objectives through ad matching types.

How can I manage my campaigns?

The Sponsored Headline Ad tool gives sellers the flexibility to either be more hands-off or have more direct control or a little bit of both. Once sellers determine what their goals are they can determine how much control they want to have over their campaign. Sellers looking for a more hands off approach can utilize our automatic matching function. They simply inform our system what bidding thresholds and options they would like in addition to the type of audience reach they want. Sellers looking for more direct control over keyword selection, matching type, and bid budgets, can fully customize their campaign and make adjustments while the campaign is live.  

How do I track my campaigns' performance?

Once the campaign begins, it will start gathering insightful metrics such as spend, sales, cost of sales, impressions, click-through rate, orders, cost-per-click, and conversion rates. You can break down the data to its ad group level and product level. All this data is accessible in Seller Portal giving sellers the ability to make the necessary adjustments while the campaign is live. We advise sellers to run a campaign for at absolute minimum one week. You want to give your campaign time to develop and hit its stride.

How can I participate?

Presently, Newegg is only making its Sponsored Headline Ads available to sellers who have a history of positive reviews and who meet our high standard of customer service. If you do not see SHA available within the Seller Portal under Advertising on Newegg, and you feel you meet the criteria, please contact us. We love helping our sellers grow on our marketplace!