What is Newegg Global Seller Summit?

Newegg Global Seller Summit is a conference that brings together a community of e-commerce experts, solution providers, and sellers like you for a full day of knowledge sharing. The event aims to equip merchants with the knowledge and tools necessary to expand their businesses to the North American market and beyond. The Summit will feature keynote sessions, panel discussions, and one-on-one time with the Newegg staff. We hope that at the conclusion of the conference, you leave equipped with the right tools, connected to the right people, and inspired to do more.

Thank you to all of our attendees and partners for coming to network and learn. We look forward to seeing all of you again in 2019!

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Shi, Huangkai

Vice Director, China (Hangzhou) Cross-border Ecommerce

Cheng, Yan

Chief of Ecommerce Division, Zhejiang Provincial Commerce Department, PRC

He, Zhitao

Founder & Chairman, Hangzhou Lianluo Interactive Information Technology Co., Ltd

Sophia Tsao

Chief Marketplace Officer, Newegg

Huang, Fengming

Operation Director, ttChic

Luo, Chengjian

Chief Strategy officer, Spice Connect

Pu, Yang

Product Director, MOPS

Yan, Qingwei

Head of North American Business Unit, Xiaomi

Alan Lim

CEO, E-Services Group

Aaron Lu

CMO, PingPong Financial

Chad Schofield

Chief Digital Officer, BoxC

Sean Xiao

GM, China Cross-Border Ecommerce, Newegg Global Marketplace

Echo Chen

Ecommerce Consultant Manager, ChannelAdvisor

Wei Xiong

President, Ninebot US


CEO, Geekbuying

Jonathan Yin

International Business Development Director, Newegg

Neil Tunbridge

Director, Pivot International/Newegg Europe

James Storie-Pugh

Director, Pivot International/Newegg Europe

Mike Kardalos

Sr. Category Manager, Newegg Canada

Jennifer Liu

Sr. Project Manager, Newegg Global Marketplace

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