Perks of SBN, learn how Altatac leveraged completely free shipping

The Background

Established in 2010, Altatac’s mission was to offer a wide variety of leading-edge products supported by the promise of free shipping, the lowest prices, and outstanding customer service.

The Challenge

With their vast product assortment and appeal to a wide customer base, Altatac learned that the best way to stand out was to sell on multiple marketplaces and other e-commerce platforms. This exposure and positioning alongside competition leads to an ever-growing challenge to win the buybox and sales all while maintaining healthy profit margins. Finding innovative ways to compete on marketplaces beyond just pricing is becoming a priority not just for Altatac, but for all e-commerce businesses.

The Solution

Though usually reliant on their own 3PL service and warehousing, an opportunity arose for Altatac to promote a smart thermostat product that was low in margin and high in inventory. By teaming up with their Newegg Account Manager, they learned that this product was the perfect size and price to qualify for zero fee fulfillment through Shipped by Newegg (SBN). Using free shipping as their foundation, a marketing campaign was created focusing on utilizing the additional benefits of SBN. With competitor pricing being so similar, the choice to leverage SBN on these SKUs positively impacted their buybox algorithm, shooting their product listings to the top of search results. Expecting additional product views and sales, they utilized their savings from SBN fulfillment and used them to offer more competitive pricing, further compounding their sales and depleting their inventory overstock.

The Results

Altatac was able to add these select products to SBN and save on expensive 3PL shipping. For them, additional benefits such as increased buybox wins, customer support, and an average of 10% customer ratings increase was just icing on the cake. Because Altatac utilized Newegg fulfillment services, they were able to create campaigns and promotions based on their specific inventory and product needs. Over the last quarter, Altatac has progressively been adding more products to SBN as it makes sense for their business.

“Newegg has been a top marketplace performer for us with its ability to drive organic traffic through its niche customers; I’ve been able to maximize inventory turnover in the CE/IT space. Additionally, with SBN it allows us to drive competitive pricing, while cutting costs, along with the added convenience of expedited/cost-efficient fulfillment.”

Leverage Newegg’s Fulfillment Offerings for Your Next Campaign

Newegg created fulfillment solutions such as SBN as a way to help our sellers save on shipping – but there is more to these tools than just saving money. The modern e-commerce economy is driving further away from brand and seller loyalty and seems to only reward lower prices and gaming algorithms. Newegg is not about treating our merchants as algorithms. Our account management teams take a hands-on approach in growing accounts by providing sellers the tools to strengthen their brands. Not all services are right for every seller. That is why outlined below is a variety of fulfillment offerings that are tailored for the many different types of sellers on our platform. This is what it means to be a Newegg seller in an eggshell – to be part of a marketplace where it’s not just about having the lowest price, but to have the tools and the access to sell to our loyal customers who value dependable products, services, and strong brand identities.

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