Shipped By Newegg

Newegg with its world class logistics has created one of the most reliable, fast, and cost-effective fulfillment networks in the world. Shipped by Newegg (SBN) is an efficient and price-conscious fulfillment service, ready to pick, pack and ship. With state of the art order fulfillment centers across the country, SBN will help scale your business and reach a broader range of customers.

Our services are designed for companies of any size, from any region. Let the power of Newegg’s world class logistics work for you. Read More

Logistic Services

In addition to Shipped by Newegg, we have added new programs to help streamline the often tricky logistics process so that you can deliver a better customer experience. From returns processing and dedicated customer service with our RMA program to reduced rates using our Shipping Label Service, we have a variety of options for sellers who want different levels of control over their logistics infrastructure. Read More


Our dedicated marketing and merchandising teams actively search for opportunities to get your products in front of the right people, with the right price, at the right time. Whether it’s negotiating prime placements in Newegg promotional campaigns and emails, crafting rich product blog and video content, or working on a custom product launch campaign, our team has the experience to leverage for your success. Read More

 Premier Seller Program

The Newegg Premier Seller program was developed to not only give you access to our most loyal and active customer base—Premier customers, but provide value-add operational services with little cost allowing you to scale your business quickly. Read More

Payment and Logistic Partners

To reduce the friction caused by cross-border trade, we’ve partnered with some industry leading payment processing and logistic companies. Our goal is for you to streamline your operations and keep more of your profits and get your money when you want it, where you want it. Read More

Integration Providers

Our extensive partnerships with various integrators cuts down on the time it takes to get your products listed and ready to sell. Read More