How It Works

  • 1.
  • Send Your Inventory to Newegg

After you have completed Newegg Marketplace Seller on-boarding process, you will be able to create items in Seller Portal and convert items to Shipped by Newegg (SBN) items.

Once you have converted your desired items to SBN items, you can create inventory / replenishment shipments for these items. Our system will guide you through the process step by step, including shipment creation, ship to location, item and shipping label preparation and shipment tracking.

When you are ready, mark your shipment as shipped and send your inventory to designated Newegg warehouses by using Newegg's partnered carriers or select your own shipping carriers.

Make sure you refer to and abide by the instructions provided in our Quick Shipment Routing Guide.
  • 2.
  • Newegg Receives and Stores Your Items

Newegg will receive your shipments and notify you of the receiving event. Your items will be scanned for dimension and ready to be Shipped by Newegg.

You can monitor SBN items inventory via Seller Portal.
  • 3.
  • Customer Places Orders for Your Items

Whether the customer orders your products on Newegg website or on other websites, Shipped by Newegg can fulfill your orders that come from all channels. Orders placed on Newegg website will automatically appear in order list in Seller Portal. Orders placed through other channels (multi-channel orders) can be created via Seller Portal.

SBN item on Newegg will enjoy automatic "Featured" status, where the listing will be among the featured sellers section of the item details page. In addition, SBN products will display a special logo which will ensure customers the confidence, trust and reliability associated with Newegg. Customers will be entitled to our free Super Eggsaver shipping and even quicker shipping is available for those customers enrolled in the Newegg Premier Program.
  • 4.
  • Newegg Picks, Packs and Ships Your Items and Provides Customer Service

For orders placed on Newegg website, Newegg will pick, pack and ship your products to customers through our world class logistics processes. Additionally, Newegg will handle all customer related inquiries by our award winning customer service team.

For multi-channel orders, Newegg will pick, pack and ship your products to the specified address after you created your multi-channel orders via Seller Portal.