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[Webinar] Selling on Niche Marketplaces: Is the Juice Worth the Squeeze?

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Today, most sellers are focused almost entirely on Amazon or the “mass marketplace” as opposed to niche channels. In this webinar, Zentail and Newegg will challenge the status quo, and show how niche marketplaces can help to grow your business in a variety of ways. They’ll also address the latest tips for succeeding on niche marketplaces, and making sure your efforts are well spent.


You will learn:

  • The value of niche marketplaces
  • When/why you should go niche (the early mover advantage)
  • How to successfully sell on niche marketplaces like Newegg
  • How to reduce the effort to expand multichannel


And more!

[Webinar] How to Supercharge Your ROI with Sponsored Ads

By Webinars

It’s 2021, and time to do things differently. If we learned anything from the last year in e-commerce we know that business is booming, but it’s going to take more to make substantial growth in this new market. With online shopping coming off all-time highs, taking the next steps to supercharge your performance now will give you the edge to sustain growth throughout the year and avoid stalling out!

Join as we share impactful insights into the ways that Sponsored Ads on Newegg can deliver critical analytics about customer behavior, metrics to optimize product placement, and empower you to take control of your growth today.

You will learn:

  • How to utilize the different ad types for scalable growth
  • Insider tactics for building powerful campaigns
  • Future updates to Sponsored Ads
  • How to earn $1,000 free ad credit

[Guide] How to Create A+ Content to Drive Engagement

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The best way to get sales on a online marketplace platform is to have an optimal user experience on the product page. Newegg’s A+ Content allows sellers and brands to take advantage of Newegg services to produce enhanced, engaging content that features multiple photos, interactive images, videos, product comparison, tables, and more!

Learn how A+ Content can benefit you, watch the setup guide above, and learn more about A+ Content here.


[Webinar] Discover E-commerce’s Best-Kept Secrets for Q4

By Webinars


A fireside chat with experts from Newegg, ShipStation, and ChannelAdvisor

View the Discover E-Commerce’s Best-Kept Secrets for Q4 webinar and come away with answers to the following questions:

  • Trends in the market
    • How is the Q4 shopping timeline evolving, and what can retailers do to maximize their sales beyond the quarter?
  • Pricing/channel strategy for listings
    • Does the lowest price always win?
    • Is the best cross-channel strategy to blast out the same price to everyone at the same time?
  • Shipping and fulfillment
    • What do I need to know about Q4 shipping and global shipping/software/carriers/shipping trends?
  • Global impacts
    • Are there other shopping holidays in Q4 I need to consider besides Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Green Monday?
    • What are the opportunities for retailers to drive additional revenue outside the domestic market?

Maximizing Enterprise Seller Benefits & the Post Purchase Email

By Webinars

Sellers on Newegg’s Marketplace have access to loads of tools at their disposal to drive traffic and convert sales. Enterprise sellers know this well, but there is a key program that many sellers aren’t aware of: the Post Purchase Email.

The Post Purchase Email program is a way for sellers to take control of some of the marketing communications with their customers on Newegg, driving engagement and traffic to their seller store to build a stronger relationship with customers, resulting in repeat purchases.

Join Newegg Marketplace as we host a webinar discussion detailing the benefits of the Enterprise level seller program, with a focus on the ins and outs of the Post Purchase Email program, your voice on Newegg. 

Take action to bring your selling to the next level.

2019 SEO Trends and Best Practices

By Webinars

Now that we all have a little more breathing room after the holidays, it’s the perfect time to assess your online listings and make improvements. Content is king, and Google is rewarding sellers who create enhanced and informative content for their customers. Since we all want higher rankings, it’s essential to learn how best to improve our listings and appease Google’s algorithm.

Join Newegg Marketplace and guest SEO expert as we co-host a webinar discussion detailing the latest SEO trends and best practices that every online seller needs to know.

Are you ready for SEO success?

Unwrapping E-commerce Success in Time for the Holidays

By Webinars

It’s that time of the year again- Q4 is approaching, do you have a plan? Q4 is uniquely different from all other quarters, meaning there are key elements you need to maximize your effectiveness on Newegg Marketplace and capitalize on the biggest shopping season of the year. We all know that once the holiday season begins it’s already too late to start planning for success, you need to take action now!

Don’t worry..we’re here to give you guidance.

Hear from us as we lay out proven tactics for winning the holiday season on Newegg.

You’ll learn:
• Strategic insights on how to present your products
• Priming your products for conversion
• Marketing opportunities that make sense for your products
• Pricing strategies to keep you in the black
• Data and analytical tools that power profitable business through the season
• Fulfillment – How to live up to your customer’s high expectations
• And more


Newegg Global – Expand to the markets that make sense for you

By Webinars

According to eMarketer, worldwide retail e-commerce sales will top $4 trillion by 2020 and double digit growth will continue through the year. This is an astounding projection, but comes as no surprise.

Sellers are scaling their businesses through marketplaces. Many of them who are eager to tap into sales channels overseas face many challenges from local marketing to payment solutions to fulfillment.

Newegg and ChannelAdvisor will be co-hosting a webinar showing sellers how they can expand their business overseas through Newegg Global. This is an opportunity you do not want to miss out on.

In this webinar you will learn:
– About the benefits of taking your sales cross-border
– How to select markets that make the most sense for your business
– What marketing tools and logistics services are available
– How to get started

How to get your product in front of 30 million customers

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Are you an Indiegogo campaigner with a new, innovative tech product you think would be a great fit on Newegg? It’s time to learn more about how to make it happen! Newegg is a tech-leading marketplace for computing hardware, personal electronics, and more! We are on a mission to bring our customers the latest and greatest tech products, while helping entrepreneurs bring their visions to life. We have partnered with Indiegogo to offer special support and promotional opportunities to successful campaigners who are looking to take the next-step towards retail by joining the world’s leading technology marketplace.

Don’t miss out on this exclusive webinar, where experts from both Newegg and Indiegogo will share their insights for how to successfully take your product concept to market. By the end of this session, you will learn:

– What content marketing is, and why it’s important for converting sales
– How to take advantage of promotional opportunities to maximize your product’s exposure
– How Newegg’s fulfillment services, Shipped by Newegg (SBN) can boost your brand credibility