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Growing categories usher in the New Year.

2017 looks to be another promising year for many online merchants. According to eMarketer, e-commerce sales will reach nearly $441 billion in 2017 with consumer electronics and computer hardware taking the lion’s share. A number of product categories are predicted to experience sales growth as well.

Specifically, the Toys and Hobbies category continues surging due to greater demand for drones from recreational and commercial users. The theme of “Everything Connected” with regards to Home Automation and Home Improvement is gaining wider adoption as companies simplify their products, making them more intuitive for the average consumer. Following suit to them are the health, fitness, and small home appliance categories.

What does all of this mean for online merchants like yourself? New revenue streams for 2017. Newegg is launching a series of campaigns tapping those industries. Our customers are looking for new hobbies, healthier lifestyles, and cool projects to get started on. If you carry these products, let’s get them to the right customers and jump start your business for greater success in 2017. Participate now by reaching out to us.