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March and February Sales on Newegg Offer Customers the Best Deals on PCs, Components and More

By February 16, 2024Blog, Uncategorized

With over a month of 2024 already in the books, it’s time to ask the question: How will you level up your computer, smart home or other tech game this year?

For many Newegg customers and sellers alike, the answer begins with our February and March sales, offering the best deals on PCs, PC components and other peripherals, plus the full gamut of smart home tech. So whether customers want to upgrade their home office setup or are simply keeping their eye out for the next gaming PC to buy, Newegg – the marketplace for all things tech – has a deal to get the job done.

In February, a series of calendar-themed sales kicks off the savings, with expansive product offerings. These broad sales offer something for everyone, extending beyond computers into our growing selection of home tech and furniture. By the end of the month however, we begin to focus more specifically on DIY savings with our “Build It Better, Build Your Own” sale, offering great deals on motherboards, CPUs, cases and more.

In March, as many sports fans turn their attention to who’s winning in college basketball, Newegg focuses on winning deals with five March Madness themed sales. These aren’t just sales gimmicks, however. Each sale is organized around a theme, addressing a number of customer needs and buying trends we’ve observed.

  • Gear Up for Deal Madness: Kicking off the month, the field is wide open with a sale full of great deals in all categories.
  • Championship-Level Deals: Our second sale of the month focuses on high-performing PC systems, peripherals and accessories for regular and power users alike.
  • Tech You Can Depend On: As they say in sports, the best ability is availability. Technology is no different, so this sale focuses on hardworking products that you can trust. Appropriately then, storage and accessories categories feature heavily in our sale inventory.
  • Upgrade Your Workspace: Later in the month, we offer sale pricing on everything one might need for the home, office and anyplace else customers consider their “workspace.” For that reason, in addition to the usual peripherals and accessories, this sale features items to promote healthier and more agile workspaces, such as mobile, outdoor, wellness and smart home technology.
  • Assemble the System of Your Dreams: Our final March Madness sale offers unbeatable deals on everything customers need for their next PC build. As this one sits on the doorstep of tax day, it bears mentioning a sale like this is a potential way for some customers to spend their 2023 tax refunds, as well as a potential 2024 write-off opportunity for small business and sole proprietor customers.

While there are many large sales throughout February and March, Newegg will continue to offer weekly deals on new arrivals, giving early adopters and discerning customers access to the latest technology, often at unbeatable prices.

For marketplace sellers who want to get in on the action, many of our sales are already set. But there are two great promotional vehicles always available to sellers: our 24 hour Shell Shocker promotions and our weeklong Leaderboard promotions. Deadlines to submit products for these are 3 weeks prior to the sale, on Thursday and Tuesday respectively. For more information, sellers will want to look at how to use the Newegg promotional dashboard in our Seller Academy. As always, participation in promotions like these are a great way to build sales volume and seller rating.

The year is moving fast. There’s no time like the present to shop the best deals on PC components, systems and accessories, plus the latest sale on wellness and smart home technologies. As you’ve seen above, whatever tech you’re in the market for, Newegg likely has a sale to match.