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How A+ Content Takes Product Page Optimization to the Next Level

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Brand owners, what if you learned there was a straightforward way to boost cart additions by 176%? And what if that method could generate 128% more revenue per product?

Well, on Newegg Marketplace, there is a way and it’s called A+ content.

A+ content is our premier product page optimization tool, allowing you to turbocharge product

What product details matter most in e-commerce?

Let’s begin with an analogy: the men’s suit. A suit is hardly a trivial expense, so most people want to get it right the first time. But purchasing specialty products online, whether it’s a suit or PC peripherals, can be tricky. Th pages with easy-to-understand information, such as custom interactive product tours, product comparison charts, beautifully rendered product specs, and product videos. Informed by both e-commerce best practices and internal data on our site visitors, A+ content is the best way to showcase and sell your products’s where an augmented product page comes in handy, clearly showcasing all the suit’s critical measurements, calling out any hard-to-see details (such as materials or hidden pockets), and even showing a 360° view.

The same likely holds true for technology products. Your customers want to know exactly what they’re buying, and with A+ content, you can tell and show them. To determine the most pertinent information your buyers want to know, start with the basics: size, specs, compatibility, etc.

Next, think about the FAQs surrounding your product. And the most commonly cited reasons for returns. Look at your internal teams, from product developers and managers to any sales associates and returns clerks. These are all great sources of insight into the best information to include when selling your products online.

How to showcase your product online with A+ content

The design freedom that custom A+ content unlocks is the key to taking your product from basic online product listing to fully optimized product page. Rich content – such as animated graphics, exploded product views, even videos – highlights product features and benefits you want to call attention to, enabling customers to “touch” your product before buying.

Brands matter too. In fact, brand consistency is a critical part of e-commerce best practices, and can lead to as much as a 33% increase in revenue. Nowhere is this more important than on product listing pages–that final last step before Newegg Marketplace customers click “Add to Cart.”

With A+ content, you can elevate your content from basic bullet points to branded product tours, rendered in all the colors, fonts and iconography customers have come to associate with your brand. Plus, the added space for content gives you a higher word count to work with when optimizing for SEO,  without running the risk of “keyword stuffing” your page.

Now that you’ve appealed to potential customers’ hearts with your brand and beautifully interactive demos, it’s time to appeal to their brains too. Specs tables and comparison charts are just the ticket, offering an easy-to-read way for them to identify how your product (or series of products) may fit their current criteria around cost, needs and compatibility.

Lastly, after all the rich content and SEO, an optimized product page includes video too. A+ content allows for that, allowing you to showcase your product or brand in its best light.

As a brand owner, you know very well the work that went into building your product in the first place. A+ content is the best way to share that with your potential customers on Newegg Marketplace.

Interested in getting started? Request A+ Content services for your product listings through the Seller Portal, or learn more on our dedicated A+ Content page.

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